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Simple Tips & Delicious Nibbles Ideas for NYE at home

Bread and olive oil.
Cheese platters 
and a delicious melted brie...
so.much. goodness.

And since the new diet starts on the 1st- we have one more day to indulge folks...
Just kidding. 

I am a big believer in watching those calories and carbs and everything else.
And I will share a bit of a confession and what I learned from it at some point.
But... for now- it is all cheese, bread and YUM. 
And Not super keto friendly for those following that diet. 

I have always watched the bread, pasta etc. 
And actually zoodles are one of my favorites each week.
But when we were in Europe- we ate cheese and bread and pasta almost every day.
but we didn't gain any weight. We both actually each lost 5 lbs.

So I started to question that whole cut the entire bread and pasta out of your diet thing.
Being vegetarian- doing the Keto diet is really not super easy-
because we don't eat all the stuff the Keto diet recommends you eat when you cut out all the other foods.
But, I will admit I tried it. 
And I ended up with a raging headache and body aches and feeling ill  within 2 days.
I basically went from low carb to no carb. 
I do not recommend it.  lol.
So... bring on that bread. 
At least for today.


Skillet Brie 

You might remember this recipe for a caprese types brie in a skillet. 
We used cherry tomatoes and brie with a bit of balsamic and basil.
You heat the brie up and then top with your toppings 
and serve it right out of the pan.
SO good.

But this holiday season- we made a different version.
And this version absolutely took the cake folks. 
Instead of topping with tomatoes and caprese bits- 
we used an orange and fig jam. 
It was BEYOND.
I didn't take a photo. It was gone too quickly. haha.
You could also top your brie with anything that speaks to you. 
The best thing about this recipe is that you can customize it fully.
You can find more about making it and the recipe for the tomato version HERE.

 Cheese Board

Another not so low carb friendly recipe- well unless you omit those crackers.
A cheese platter.
I am a HUGE fan of a delicious cheese board.
One that has brie, spicy anything, blue cheese, Stilton cheese and the best... Dubliner cheese.
Has anyone had Dubliner cheese? 
I cannot have it in the house all the time. 
It makes me weak and I will slice and enjoy way more than I should.

A cheese board is simple- you literally just pile on what you enjoy.
Crackers, cheese, fruits, nuts and even a little delicious chocolate for a sweet touch.
Of course you can add meat- we do not being vegetarian- but it would be a more traditional type of board for a full meal with that addition.

But one thing I have learned about creating cheese platters is that there really is no right or wrong way to create them. Simply use what you love the most and then enjoy.

Bread with Olive oil & Balsamic Vinegar

I know. I know. Not low carb friendly again.
Apparently I am more obsessed with bread than I even realized.

If you have ever been to a winery and done a little wine tasting
chances are you have had a platter of sliced or chunked fresh crusty bread to dip in olive oil.
This is a delicious little nibble- and so easy to recreate at home.
Simply pour olive oil into a shallow bowl or plate 
add a splash of balsamic vinegar (if you would like a bit of zip) 
and then sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper.
Serve with bread - that you simply dip into the olive oil and then enjoy.

Add some candle ambiance


It is no secret that I am a big fan of candles and ambiance over here.
And the drippier the candles- the better in my opinion.
For an instant sprinkle of magic for your NYE table 
bring out those candles.
If you are worried about drips on your table- place the candlesticks on a plate or place some some wax or brown paper underneath them.

Add a little bit of  GOLD and go BOLD

A favorite combination of mine. 
Gold and Bold. 
Candlesticks, flatware, stemware, chargers- you name it.
Go gold and bold for NYE - because it just makes everything else so much prettier.

Hope those tips help you sprinkle a bit of simple  & elegant NYE decor
and inspire a few carb loaded plates to enjoy. :)

See you tomorrow for a year in review of favorite home projects-
 and what projects I have on the list for the new year.

Happy Monday all.

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