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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.
Sweet Pea dog in front of French Country Cottage French doors

I hope that your holiday and week has been wonderful.

It has been a busy week over here with lots of travel for the holidays
and some work deadlines on the calendar that were pretty important to notch off.
I got most of it wrapped up on Thursday and Friday so when the weekend rolled around-
I was pretty excited to be climbing into bed early and working on my laptop while watching a couple of true crime shows.


A full house with all 3 of my babies home for a couple of days was the best Christmas gift. I love when there is a whole lot of hustle and bustle in the house. The laughter and being together is the best. This week, my oldest arrived with his girlfriend on Monday and so we took them out to do a little wine tasting & shopping since they had never been before. It was a ton of fun.  

Doxies on sofa in living room

Of course the big kiddos didn't want any of their photos shared- but I got the okay to share the grand dogs and my sister. 

We spent Christmas Eve cooking and getting ready for the other kiddos and their girlfriend/boyfriends to join us for dinner that evening. We enjoyed a big family dinner 
and stayed up way too late playing board games and laughing.

Weekend Work

Weekend is looking like reflecting and goal setting this weekend. I always take a bit of time to think about the year that was, what worked- what didn't- how I can do things better, more efficiently and really bring more to the table here on the blog for what you all are interested in as well. Blogging is much like always evolving- always looking for that freshness to share and inspire. 
And I will be sharing my Reflections and Goals post next week- and a little bit of behind the scenes as some of the things that I noticed were recurring 'themes'  this past year are definitely something I have been reflecting on and am trying to learn from. 

Also Coming Your Way

New Year - New French Country Cottage Blog

Well, not as in January 1st-  but stay tuned for some big changes here on the blog that we have been working on. 


We are in full declutter, donate and organize mode over here. After the busy feeling in the house - it always feels good to declutter and organize. I started out last week by completely emptying out that chippy cupboard in the dining room and moving it. And next week- I am tackling the attic storage and seeing what we really don't need to be storing any longer- and how to better store things we do want to keep. Stay tuned for a Christmas storage post coming up as well. 

Winter Decorating

Every year, when Christmas comes down and January rolls around and winter sets in- it can feel a little lackluster in the house.  So stay tuned for a post all about transitioning from Christmas to winter and how you can use some of those Christmas items even longer.

As well as some of my favorite tips for keeping things cozy without there being too much clutter or stuff in the house on every shelf, table, etc. 

This weekend over here- it is all about a bit of quiet reflection & downtime. Re-energizing and simply being.
So taking a bit of time to soak up and enjoy the rest of this beautiful holiday season - and when things are running full steam over here again- beyond excited to share with you all about some of the things I have planned for the new year.  

Stay tuned for some house reflections and goals next week- and personal reflections and goals- and a confession and challenge.

Happy weekend all.


  1. Love all your decorating ideas and neutral colors. A girl after my own heart. Wondering if there's a place to buy the dining room chair seat covers on your
    Christmas home tour page. I love them!! Have a wonderful New Year!

    1. Hi!
      The dining room slipcovers are available in my shop-

  2. Courtney, I am happy for you that you were able to spend time with your family. We will see out daughter tomorrow, of which I am very happy! Miss my grown kiddos. <3 All the pups look adorable!!

    Happy New Year to you,
    Barb :)

  3. Courtney, I look forward to the wonderful ideas you share with us each post. I'm especially excited to see your ideas for a cozy winter home after Christmas decorations are put away.
    Happy New Year.