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Sautéed & Fresh Vegetable Pizza

A cauliflower pizza crust topped with sautéed veggies, fresh veggies, feta cheese & avocado? 

Yes, please.

I mean... any pizza that has avocado on it wins with me- but this pizza with all those sautéed and fresh veggies on it-  is seriously delicious.
And it is easy to make- and easy to customize for exactly what you like.

We made this with a cauliflower crust for a lower carb version - but you can of course use any pizza crust you would like- or make your own. 

Here is a quick video showing how we made and recipe below.

Fresh & Sautéed Veggie Pizza with Avocado & low carb crust


1 cauliflower pizza crust

Red Bell Pepper
Yellow Squash
Red Onion
Fresh Garlic

Cherry Tomatoes
Italian Parsley

Crumbled Gorgonzola Cheese (you can use crumbled Feta if you prefer)
Parmesan Cheese- Grated 
Yogurt based blue cheese or ranch dressing

Prepare your pizza crust first-simply spoon the dressing onto the crust and then sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and bake according to directions.

Chop the bell pepper, yellow squash, mushrooms, garlic & onion - and saute with olive oil. Sprinkle with black pepper and Italian herb seasoning to taste.

When your pizza crust is done- spoon the sautéed veggies onto the crust. 

Top with the chopped Italian parsley, cherry tomatoes and avocado- and sprinkle with gorgonzola or feta cheese. 

We used gorgonzola this time- but honestly- we have made this pizza with both and they are both good. So just go with what you prefer. 

And enjoy!


  1. Saw this on IG and started to scroll through until I saw cauliflower crust. Thank you from this diabetic! Making it tonight!

  2. The recipe looks delicious and I loved the background music. By any chance, are your sons performing it?

  3. Draga mea,
    O incantare pentru papilele gustative, ochi si sanatate!!!
    Calde imbratisari, Mia

  4. Going to try it tonight on a low carb menue.

  5. Hi , thank you for the recipe, I will get the ingredients and will try it too.It looks so yUMM !