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Weekend View

The weekend view...

Always a favorite post- it is such a simple, sit down and have a cup of coffee and catch up with friends kind of post.

What is it about January that makes it seem like it is full of energy for the new year- but also energy that is moving a bit slower? 
Winter seems to kind of be one of those seasons that seems to invite you to slow down just a bit and to refocus energy and intentions and to really look within to find direction for the next season. 
In January- I crave a bit of quiet and reflecting time. I focus on work behind the scenes on the blog and in the house - the deep cleaning, simplifying and making the house feel warm and inviting- and those simple changes bring in some bigger styling projects.  I have a few chunky projects on the agenda already in the next few months- one of which involves the little cottage which I haven't shared on here in quite awhile- and some easy 5 minute no shopping give your space a new look refreshes. 
I am all about those quick and easy refreshes any time of year.

Winter Yard Work

The gardens are not looking too 'garden-y' (is that a word?) in winter... so going outside to wander through them isn't the most exciting thing. But something that winter gardens are good for are cleaning and planning. We have some evergreens and all year long greenery that we enjoy year round- but we also have a lot of plants that are deciduous and just look like a pile of nothing part of the year.   

While I can appreciate the bare and branch look that much of the landscape has- I do crave those spring sprouts of grass and wildflowers. Though a lot of our acreage is simply left natural- the garden areas are getting a bit of a rake through and clean out in the next couple of weeks. 

I am also getting ready to start a few seeds and get them growing in the greenhouse. 

Behind the Scenes

I know some of you have had some trouble with the blog- a few things going on on the technical side of it. And get ready for a few more coming up in the next few weeks. We are making a few changes and revamping the look and feel of the blog- and bringing some new exclusives and features. I am pretty excited to share with you soon- and thank you for your patience.

Design Influencers Conference Meet Up

Are any of you going to Design Influencers Conference in March in San Francisco? It starts March 1st and I am beyond excited about it this year.  It is a must- and don't miss conference in my book! 
I would love to try to plan a fun  meet up if anyone is going to be there and wants to connect and chat- drop me a note! 

In Random News...

Floral totes

We have just a handful of white floral totes left- a couple dozen of the blush and blue florals left. This shipment of totes came in a canvas type fabric which I think is pretty perfect. Currently- totes are on sale with free shipping- and of course- they pair well with my book for gifting. :) Find Here.

Thank you 

And Thank you to all of you who took the time to answer the quick 3 questions I had about a special project I am working on. Wonderful feedback and it helped me so much. If you would like to take part in the survey- please find it here- it is open for 1 more week. 

Florals on Sale at Balsam Hill

Just one more week to use that extra 10% off coupon at Balsam Hill- on anything and everything including florals.

This is my Brittany Rose arrangement in this photo- and it is currently on Sale- use FCC10OFF to take an additional 10% off the price of this and anything else you would like- through January 31st.

Coming your way

I have been working on a few quick and easy floral arrangements- along with video. Stay tuned for a simple  rose and eucalyptus one this week.

Winter entertaining- because, when in Rome- you gather up that inspiration. 

And Capri, Italy. All about what we did on Capri and what we will do differently next trip

Happy weekend all. 

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