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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view and happy March 1st everyone.

This week, it is all about a couple of floral filled projects, garden planning and yoga with Sweet Pea.


A short and sweet weekend view this week... and I cannot believe it is March already. 
January and February kind of moved a little slow -  but then all of a sudden it is March 1st. 

Spring is on the way with lots of sunshine over here the past couple weeks-so I have been enjoying s
 and I am excited to get out and get to work in the garden and getting my hands dirty planting a few things and  also doing some spring decor and planning for a few house projects.

Flower power

I have been working on several floral filled projects this week- and have decided that the floor looks much better with petals all over it. 

It is no secret that I love to play with flowers. And I could probably spend hours arranging and photographing flowers everyday. So anytime there are projects on my to-do list that involve playing with fresh flowers- it is a good project. Stay tuned for what I worked on this week- and also more about this bucket of coral peonies. 

Yoga Buddy

I have a new yoga buddy. Sweet Pea has been coming over and plopping right on the mat next me while I am doing yoga recently. She likes to nap while I do a few yoga poses. :)

Garden Work

This week, we are starting on a garden project by the greenhouse. 
It includes a few trees and I am hoping I can find a type of evergreen vining plant to go there alongside the wisteria. While I love wisteria- we would like to have some green on the vines a bit more during the year than this variety does.  If anyone has a suggestion- please share. And lilacs. I think I could plant a dozen lilac bushes. So much to love. 

Coming your way

Floral, floral and floral projects- all the behind the scenes of this weeks projects- including a charming front door decor idea.

What I am planning in the garden- and another new garden area we are putting in

A couple of bathroom changes

And spring decorating ideas on repeat and repeat.

Happy Sunday all.


  1. I grew a variegated leaf hardy kiwi vine - Actinidia Kolomitka- on the side of my garage and loved it.

    Confederate Jasmine

  3. Hi since you asked.. strongly recommend Confederate Jasmine - it is an evergreen vine so it's green all winter. The blooms smell Heavenly and it is slower growing but will most decidedly climb and grow!

  4. I have an autumn clematis vine that produces abundantly each year with tiny star-like white flowers on a soft green-leaf vine. I live in Michigan so it blooms in late August and September but I cut it back in early spring and it grows vigorously then and blooms intermittently throughout the summer as well.