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About Me

I am so glad you are here and thank you for stopping by to see more
 about the girl behind the curtain of
French Country Cottage.

About Me

I am a little like Bob in What About Bob
I am a big fan of baby-stepping and dreaming big.
I don't follow the rules all the time
I tend to follow my heart and see where it leads me.
I am fueled by my family,  daydreams and that flip-flop in my stomach
when something inspires me.

And I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to design your space.
I think if you walk into a room filled with things you love 
and it makes you happy- it is perfect. 

I believe in: 
A chandelier in every room- even if it’s a closet or a hallway. 
Everyday elegance- setting a table with vintage china and fine stemware 
 an abundance of beautiful blooms 
And I have been known to drag an old weathered farm table out to the middle of the woods 
and light it with a chandelier hanging from branches of a tree.
I love gathering up the energy of inspired settings and ambiance
and that magic that invites the conversations  and laughs to linger a bit longer. 

After I married my husband at 19- 
my focus was on becoming and being a stay at home wife and mother
and any career that I thought about took a back seat.
When my youngest went to kindergarten? I went to kindergarten too.
When my older kids went on field trips- I went on every one.
Until my older kids in 6th and 8th grade wanted a bit more independence. 
So it was then that I started to dabble more into that creative work a bit
and I also started to write a blog about the 1940's house and guest cottage that we were renovating 
and the seeming never to end inspirations and projects.

Starting my blog gave me a place to immerse myself in design for a bit each day
while figuring out who I might want to be when I grow up.

Aside from blogging,
I work as a freelance photographer and stylist 
and am an Author-
my first book- French Country Cottage is about our home
and the journey of finding my style while renovating our 1940's cottage.

I have a small online Market 
where I sell signed books, exclusive FCC brand items and vintage treasures

and I have a Faux Floral Collection at Balsam Hill. 

You can usually find me tanking up on coffee
falling in love with every pretty face at the SF Flower Market 
planning my next trip abroad to soak up all that incredible European goodness
and probably setting up a beach bike for a photo in a field somewhere.


French Country Cottage is honored to have designs and photography 
featured in over 40 publications both here in the US and in Europe- 
and Courtney was the Editor in Chief of Romantic Homes Magazine for 1 year. 


A few of the brands we have worked with: 

High Point Market

Vegas Market

Americas Mart

Arte Italica

Design Bloggers Conference Speaker 

2016, 2017


Award for Best Photography 2016

I work freelance for several wonderful brands: 


I have also work freelance writing and photographing about our travels and staying with hotels in both the United States and in Europe 
See a few examples of our Travel posts below

Want to work together? 

Drop me an email me with any questions

or ideas for partnering and let's talk!


  1. Vintage Begonia suggested I view your blog...I love it. I am U.S.A. Stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Products. Please take a look at Miss Mustard Seeds blog revealing the "magic" of our European paints/colors and the beautiful finishes that can be created. I am in California and would love to talk with you. I will be at The Three Speckled Hens in May and also at The Tattered House on April 10th giving a "debut" workshop.
    Please contact me....i don't know who else to reach you.
    Anne Skougard

  2. Love your blog! I actually live in France! And it is wonderful! Come visit sometime! :)

  3. What a lovely space!
    Kerry at

  4. Enjoying your blog and following you on FB and Twitter. Great inspiration! Best wishes!

  5. love, love, love your style!!
    what shade of paint is the armoire in your bathroom? adore it.
    you have such exquisite talent. beautiful room.

  6. Love your blog!!! Awesome pictures! I myself am an interior designer as well as a upcycled handbag designer. visit my fb vintage spiderwear page to view my creations :)

  7. Absolutely charming designs. Love what you've done with your "cottage". Incredibly inviting spaces.

  8. Such warm wonderful spaces! Your designs are charming, inviting and very special. Are you ok with people sharing them on Pinterest cause I'd love to!

  9. Absolutely LOVE your designs. They're warm and charming and fabulous! Are you ok with people sharing them on Pinterest cause I'd love to.

  10. Well I absolutely love your style. I found you on Pinterest first and am following you now.

    If you follow back, I welcome you to come on over.

  11. I found your page by serendipity, via a Finnish blogger! I will add you to my reading list,it'll be just for me, candy!

  12. Love your blog! I am an incurable Francophile. I just returned from an incredible opportunity to live/work in Angers, France, for 6 months--it was a dream come true that I was able to share w/ my twin daughters. Your blog inspires me to recreate a little bit of France here in the Lone Star State :)

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  14. Visiting from It's Overflowing Linky Party. I am absolutely in love with your blog and style. Newest member as well : )

  15. I totally just took advantage of your party today! Lovely blog and lovely person!

  16. Wow what a great space!!!...your works ,designs are beautiful and inspiring your style and blog too;)greetings from Poland-Dona

  17. Can I just say... I adore your blog!! Your home, and everything!!
    Btw... there is no way you can have 3 almost grown children!! :D lol. I am in envy with your home! I have become a follower of yours and Will be back every day to check you blog hon.
    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  18. May I just say, how beautiful and creative your style is, and how lovely your home. It is absolutely inspired. I love everything about it, and I love the warmth that emanates from everything you have done in your home.

    You, and a few other very talented people that I am following online, are inspiring me to bring this magic into my home too... It took a while to convince my husband, but now I can move forward and I will not look back :)

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this beauty and creativity with the world, and that I have become your newest fan :)

    Looking forward to seeing more of your magic.

    With kindest regards,

  19. Hi Courtney!!
    For years I always tried to explain what kind of decoration I loved. People always said it was Country. So for years I bought anything to do with country decorating, but, never really felt that that is what I was all about.

    Until recently, meaning in the last few years, I have found that it was always "Cottage" designs that I love. Especially after going through a life changing experience, I feel I need to try to rebuild my life and Courtney you and your beautiful ideas are helping. The color pink has always been a calming color and I love how you use it. The roses are beautiful!!

    So, thank you for your beautiful pictures and stories (Love the one about the Settee and your daughter is so funny).


  20. Just discovered your blog! I am so excited to find a kindred spirit in decorating my home. We've just moved and had to leave our cottage but I intend to make this home feel warm and welcoming too, now with your help. I just adore your outside entertaining area and can't wait to show it off to my hubby! Thanks and I look forward to getting to know you better thru your blog

  21. Everything in your blog is so pretty... I'm new to the blog world and am enjoying seeing all the lovlies!

  22. I found your blog on 'La table de nana' I'm new to blogs but loved your style & wanted to say how much i enjoyed looking at it. Ive just started a blog of my own, but haven't quite got the hang of things work yet!

  23. Great blog, adore you beautiful images. I too live in France in the perfume capital of the world, Grasse which is gorgeous and I would love my home to be full of the decor shown on your blog. I'm working on it!

  24. Great blog, adore you beautiful images. I too live in France in the perfume capital of the world, Grasse which is gorgeous and I would love my home to be full of the decor shown on your blog. I'm working on it!

  25. Miss Courtney you are way too young to have such beautiful young adults as your own I was shocked to see they are now so grown. Love all you share thank you for all you do.

  26. H!,

    I really love your blog!

    I was trying to put your "button" on my blog but I could't figure out how! (*sigh*) I'll figure this all out one of these days.

    Regards, Dawne

  27. Just discovered your blog - such beautiful photos! I am lucky enough to be living the dream, living deep in the French countryside. Come and take a peek

  28. Hello Your children are superb !!! And I have great pleasure with your blog Friendly from France ANNIE

  29. STUPENDO!!! Foto, atmosfere, oggetti...e TU! Complimenti con il cuore di un'appassionata di questo style e di questa filosofia di vita!!! Marikasa

  30. I just stumbled upon your love IT!
    I love the warmth and feel of it. It has a soothing and relaxing charm!!!
    I've always dreamed of creating a cottagie feel to my home, where I can be transported from the everyday stress of life to a magical place of my own.

    I'm so happy I found your blog!

  31. What a great looking family! Courtney, I fall in love more and more with each visit to your blog! You must love waking up each day in your gorgeous bedroom! Every room in your home is soft, soothing, charming and inviting.

  32. Hi Courtney
    I love,love,love your home and your blog I'm so surprise your live in France I always thinking you live in California your so nice and sweet mi mom love to look at your blog all the time she said oh my God her house it so beautiful she love your living room she is 90 year old and she love to look all the blog.

  33. Hi Courtney! I love your posts! so you really live in France? I want to incorporate some of your ideas in my humble little home, that was given to me by God! I love the pinks and purples and the all white kitchens. my kitchen at the present time is red and white and i just love how it looks. really you have a flair for the most unusual picture taking. Just love your pictures. Thanks so much!

  34. I just love this site, Courtney you really live in France? i am happy to have found this site. and love the pinks and purples you have shown us. i have this adorable little home that was given to me and i can't wait to make it more personal as you have done with your pictures as well. Thanks again and God bless you always

  35. Love your Blog, beautiful Decoration!!!! I would love to share some of your pictures on my Dreaming Of A Coastal Cottage page on Facebook. It is a Home & Garden page! Please let me know if and how you would like me to share your photos! If Its ok for me to down load a photo and then post your link above the photo? I think I would need a signed permission to do this on Facebook my email is Thanks Deanae

  36. I have been following your blog for several years now and totally love your style. I have been laid off from my job this year and have a dream of doing something in the design world but just not sure where or how up to this point, however I do stay truly inspired by your blog.
    We will be moving in about a year and I have been searching for an old home that is looking for someone to love.

  37. I so love your blog,your photos,the flowers and decorating,recipes,DIY . Your personality comes through so well and I feel like I have a known you for a long time. I don't always get to read the post but I do try and catch up, I so enjoy your blog and take away lots of inspiration.,
    Love ya
    My friend

  38. Hi! Im new to your blog. I was wondering if you knew who the author of the quote that you have on the bottom of this page is ? BTW your blog is beautiful! Thanks, Nina

  39. Hi there, how do I sign up for your newsletter?

    1. Hi Sarah! There is usually a pop up that comes up to ask if you want to sign up- otherwise - you can email me your preference at and I can add you. ( everything or just 3x a week or Newsletters only) My blog is being updated currently- so apologize for the wonky!

  40. Awesome post! I loved your writing & will be more than happy to read your book. Your blogs on France are truly inspiring & prompt me to get a France Visa From UK. I will definitely add the places mentioned in your blog to my travel itinerary. Keep posting such beautiful articles.