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Photography & Styling for print 101

When you open a magazine, do you know how sometimes you seem to thumb through page after page after page and then all of a sudden you get to that one page that 
makes you stop and stare for a moment? 

Kind of like when you are on instagram and you can scroll through 35 photos in a row
and then there is that one that makes you scroll backwards for a closer look.

Fresh linens and a fresh look for spring

Happy first day of spring!
 Spring always brings thoughts of blooms and freshness-
and it seems like a perfect time to chat about a few ideas for refreshing your home.

And today we are in the bedroom and talking about
just a few changes that are easy to do.

No heavy lifting, moving and shaking 
or paint brushes and drips on your hardwood floors. (don't ask)
Think simple & beautiful.

Weekend View

You know, I have to say... 
the weekend view is one of my favorite blog posts of the week.

It is always random, rambling, this and that, nonsense and anything
 and everything all wrapped up into one.
And this week... 
it involves spring, Vegas,  friends and something cozy.