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7 inspirations for marble and wallpaper bathroom designs

Have I mentioned that we have had a bit of rain here in California?

antique door leading into a cottage bathroom

Just a bit. 
And when it rains in huge amounts like it has been- it can cause a few issues. And it has.
Flooding, downed trees, no power, landslides and more.  

Feathered Nest Friday

It is that time again...
Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday

Here is what I shared this week

5 beautiful and affordable updates to make in your kitchen

You know, I have shared the 'before' of our kitchen several times on my blog... and I always have to pause and wonder why in the world I thought that THIS house was THE ONE.

cottage style kitchen with flowers on marble island

You know the story... it was full of issues- one room after another. 
It was vandalized. It was neglected. 
It had no ceiling at all in places. 
It was simply put... broken.