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5 things you need to know about styling photos for print

Have you ever noticed just what it is that makes a photo feel special? 

What exactly it is that fills it with ambiance and charm, 
that makes you stop thumbing through pages to take a closer look?
Today it is all about 'The What' and 5 things to know- and what it has to do with real estate.

Simple Elegant table setting for spring

Yesterday I talked about simplicity and reveling in simple things
like evening strolls, cups of hot tea on the patio

and enjoying a few quiet moments in the busy.
And today, it is about bringing a bit of simplicity to an elegant spring table setting.

Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

It is the last weekend in March this year... and 
I have to be honest... I am kind of amazed. 
It seems like it was just the beginning of March
and here we are zooming into April already.
I have so much to share coming up in April- but today-
it is all random.