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Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!

I hope that your week has been going well!

Romancing the home and a 250 word challenge about your style

Recently, someone asked me a question that made me pause just a little...

It wasn't a deep thinking, what is the meaning of life, delve into your past feelings 
and figure out why you are the way you are 
type of question.  
 It was a straight forward question that should be simple
 and easy to sum up in a few sentences.

I sat down, opened my computer and I started at the beginning. 
 962 words later.. not bad.
But about 712 words over the assignment.

One Change for Elegant Old World Cottage Charm in the Kitchen

Last week,
  something amazing happened in the kitchen.

And it wasn't a new recipe. 
It was something like putting on new makeup, new clothes and that sassy tie up pair of heels 
  whole new you amazing.
Have you ever noticed how sometimes just one thing can make all the difference?
Like those sassy tie up shoes.
You can wear heels with that little black dress...
or you can wear HEELS. 
Heels that make you feel amazing and that turn heads
 and have people talking.

And I say 
Let them talk.