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A simple charming vignette with summer whites

In between the renovations and busy over here
a little bit of summer styling started to appear around the house.

Just a sprinkling
because the 'living room stuff' 
is kind of everywhere at this point.
Refinishing floors does that.

Like the sofa's are on the patio.
The dining table and vintage cupboard are on the lawn
some of the white dishes that were inside the buffet deux corps
went to the vintage china cabinet.

But even though it is a temporary move for some of them
I couldn't resist playing a bit.

It started with stacking and layering the dishes
and inspiration from oranges
and few fresh clippings.

I have quite a few Lambs Ear and Dusty Miller mixed in with the flowers 
out in the garden area- though since I needed a chunk of them for a styling- 
these are actually from the SF Flower Market- along with those pretty garden roses
that look just like ranunculus.

I am a huge fan of silvery faded greens.
And those soft salt washed colors sprinkled
with wicker and chippy wood were a perfect mix.

A few dried hydrangeas found their way to the top of the cupboard
in a shallow dough bowl and after snapping a few photos- 
 I called it good.

Simple and sweet and perfect for a summer styling
that you can refresh all summer long with fresh fruit and clippings.

Busy couple weeks coming up 
and I am hitting the ground running today
but stay tuned for a couple of floor updates coming your way
a summer table styling
and much more.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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Weekend Musings

It is that random weekend time again- 
and today- it is has to do with the floor, LA, style and strawberry cupcakes.

How to keep fresh hydrangeas fresh and dry them perfectly

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