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Simple French Autumn Inspired Fruit and Flowers centerpiece

Last week, I stopped at the SF Flower Mart on the way through the city.
And I will admit... 
I do tend to get a little giddy at the market with  all those pretty faces.

Can you picture me twirling and whirling through the warehouses 
with bundles and bundles of fresh flowers wrapped in newspaper?
It happens. 

Random weekend

Can you believe that it is the last Sunday in August this year already?

I say it every month, but where in the world did the month go?

Friday Favorites- 3 simple tips on how to style shelves

This weekend, 
I am playing with styling the shelves in that old vintage cupboard in the kitchen.

Pumpkins and pinecones and bowls of crisp apples are popping up here and there. 
And even things like that vintage cupboard in the kitchen gets sprinkled with a bit of warm autumn charm.
But first, a confession.