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5 Minute Decorating- a beautiful berries & blooms bouquet

Sometimes the simplest of things are exactly perfect.

berries and flowers bouquet in kitchen

And when it is summer and the blackberry bushes are in full berry bloom
-my daughter and I go out wandering and gather them up by the bowl full to enjoy
and I bring along my clippers.

Because, blackberries are good for more than just nibbling.

Invitation to an Exclusive Insider Tour at High Point Market

High Point Market.... where to begin? 
So much inspiration. 

It is full of beautiful pieces and amazing showrooms 
and I pretty much always want to come home and change everything in my house.  
Of course, I don't change everything -
 but what I do-
is come home full of new ideas and inspired by various 
pieces or stylings I have seen while at Market.

Weekend View

Ahh the weekend. 

I have a confession. 
I have been doing something this past week that I don't usually do.
I feel a little bit bad about it... though not too crazy bad. 
And it might not be what you think...