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Dainty Chairs

I'm getting ready to upholster the seats of these dainty little chairs that came with the swedish furniture.
( Gosh! I seem to have a ton of projects to get too!!)
Anyway, I have a few stacks of upholstery fabrics for inspiration but nothing here is seeming to fit the chairs.
I love the old bluish grey coloring with the light details, so I don't plan to repaint.
Was thinking parchment or oatmeal or even this really pale pink I have...

but I also do love the red! I do seem to be drawn to it all the time!

So I put the red ticking and the red plaid in for some thought..
I know how fabulous the red would look with the gustavian grey...
oh my!
but I love the clean lines of the cream & pale pink too- something seems crisp and simple about them.
(I think that little guy in the background looks pretty happy with all the choices!)

I think I know which one I will go with... but any thoughts?

I'll get to work and share the finished product soon! :)


  1. I guess it would depend on where you will be using them. I'm sure any of them would look great but I'm liking the red ticking.

  2. Gloria, at Happy To Be sent me over, and I'm so glad she did. Love your blog. I'll be back often. laurie

  3. Girl I love the red ticking the fun this will be when all done...just know it will look wonderful in your home as every thing elso does...Hope you been having a GREAT day my friend...Hugs and smiles to you girl Gl♥ria

  4. What beautiful chairs! I seem to be chair crazed lately! lol They are so lovely that I vote for whatever is simple. I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  5. I too am a fan of the red ticking but I'm certain the chairs will be stunning with whatever choice you've made. As obvious in your blog, your taste is impeccable!


  6. Oh, my...decisions, decisions!!! I couldn't say!
    But I can say that all your furniture posts are inspiring me!!!
    I need to get off this computer and go create something!
    Thanks for coming by and following me! I'm your latest follower, too! Looking forward to seeing all your projects!

  7. Will you believe I love your blog so much I've read through till here? You have an honest, earnest, touching and stunning blog. And coming all this way into your blog, all I can say is you are not only talented but also an ever evolving person who gets better and better with every passing day!

    Huge fan, Shalini