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Faded, shabby white paint covers this drawer that once was part of an
old farmhouse bin table

It's wood side runners rubbed thin from the years of use...

It's metal bottom dented & worn,
and it's original paint quite shabby and aged

How fantastic to find something with this character...
that no one has painted over or stripped away.
That crackled white with green chipping through
on the sweet old dog handle-


To some, it would need restoring
but to others,
the crackled paint is absolute perfection.

This delightful bin finds a new home beneath a painted desk
nestled with an antique curvy corbel that
wears a similarly layered worn finish from the years, potted moss balls and a topiary.

A dark stained plank top, creamy painted frame with fluted legs
and carved wreath details on the drawer fronts bring character to this antique desk
and the two pieces are a perfect compliment to each other.

The desk too, is old, banged up a bit but surely loved...

Just like the dented crusty bin.
Wearing a faded white paint,

it's once fresh and shiny finish is
now tarnished with a few chips,
a couple scratches & lots of wear...

but filled with bunches and bunches of delicate white, pink and brown hydrangeas
this little forgotten bin has found a new graceful beauty.

With it's years of character and charm...

It is perfect.


  1. Courtney, I love bin drawers. And yours is so charming with it's white chipped paint and gorgeous features. You've added some charm by filling it with your dried flowers. A great idea, and beautifully vintage. hugs tami

  2. Love how you are using this wonderful piece!


  3. Hi Courtney, Wow this is all so gorgeous, chippy white perfection, filled with faded Hydrangeas, LOVELY!! That dog handle pull is amazing!! What a great find!
    Hugs to you,

  4. Absolute shabby perfection!


  5. Soooooo sweet, Courtney! The ultimate chippiness! I love that handle, too. Very unique! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Tattered and chippy from years of use! Unrestored and in its original state; you're so right ... PERFECTION! You've put together such a beautiful vignette!

  7. Love this Courtney and I love those hydrangeas!

  8. Sooo pretty! Please come by my blog for a giveaway!

  9. It's so wonderful to find one of these pieces that just has so much character. Love it filled with hydrangeas and placed beneath the antique desk. really pretty.

  10. I always feel like I am flipping the pages of a beautiful magazine when I come over here! It is all just gorgeous Courtney and I am loving that desk. Where do you have that in your house?

  11. Those hydrangeas are just perfect!

  12. That is a gorgeous treasure! Love how you are using it.

  13. That is quite the treasurer and it's perfect just the way it is! I love the way you have placed that piece ~ perfection!

  14. Courtney-What a wonderful piece. Love it and it is perfectly located..a treasure indeed~ Diana

  15. Very pretty shabby chic antique bin, and beautiful dried hydrangea!

  16. Courtney, I love the finish on that bin and the cute dog handle. I have never seen that before. Love the added hydrangeas. They are such a pretty flower to use in arrangements. Thanks for joining this week.

  17. Very pretty and I love hydrangeas! So much character, especially with the dog handle! :)

  18. Such a pretty piece. I love the hydrangeas in it. I love the character of the piece and that you did nothing to it as far as restoring it.

  19. Hi lovely,

    I love the way you use hydrangeas. I planted some a couple of years ago and I reeeeeeeeeally hope (can you feel my hoping from over htere?!) that they flower this year.


  20. Hi Courtney! Thank you for joining my link party and for becoming a follower. I'm adding your link party to my list and I'm also following your beautiful blog! Take care, Mary :O)

  21. How pretty! I love anything white and crackled and hydrangea's are the best! I will enjoy following your blog and seeing all of your ideas!

  22. OMGosh!!! Courtney...that is EXQUISITE!!! Im SICK! Ship it to me IMMEDATELY!!! I think it JUST COULD be a cure for me....Did that work??? NO...I was afraid not! :0(
    Its GORGEOUS! I REALLY am sick this week...sorry im behind in my commenting...

    Love ya sweet girl! { Would love you even MORE if you would ship that to me...still didnt work ...LOL!}

    blessings xoxokara

  23. Just comin' back over to say thanks for linking this up to the party Courtney! :-)
    Have a fab weekend!

  24. LoVe the natural time-worn patina on the BIN!*!*!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!