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A Getaway & Forgotten Treasure

I love love love old houses and can spend hours imagining their history.
All they have seen, what they were once like, who lived there, etc.
I think they are forgotten treasures.
You find them everywhere it seems-
beautiful old homes that are falling further and further into disrepair.
and a favorite of mine is one that that sits quietly on the property of one of the hotels we
love to stay at in Santa Cruz.

I absolutely love the beach.
It just centers me. 
Sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash in and quietly pull back
with the warm sun on me
and my toes sunken into the sand...
I think it's about as quiet as I get.

 I can hear myself think and feel so inspired.
Well... more like inspired inside
 because I really enjoy just sitting and relaxing! ;)

This week, we went to Santa Cruz for a couple of days with the kids during their Fall break
It was in the upper 70's with warm sunshine with hardly any wind~ perfect Fall beach weather.

When we are with the kids in Santa Cruz,
one of the places we love to stay is the Chaminade Resort
Love love love.

It is rich in history, amazingly beautiful and quiet and sits up on the top of a mountain 
It's a perfect place to recharge and rejuvenate.

Though I personally would love to redecorate all the rooms
in a lighter French Country style
they are large and very private rooms.

The Santa Cruz mountains have thick cover with a mix of pine and eucalyptus and the air is so fresh...
it really makes you just want to take it all in.
At the hotel there are miles of hiking trails that wind through the forest to explore
Part way down the trail,
you will find that forgotten treasure.

Little peeks of it start to show through the trees as you are walking...
An old porch column,
 a wall covered in shingles,
the broken windows.

I have to say that the first time I saw this house I was mesmerized by it's charm and it's location
even though it is badly neglected and vandalized
I wondered about it's story and why it was sitting without someone to enjoy it and care for it

It's all  boarded up and vandalized now... but beautiful nonetheless
and I always think how sad it looks when I walk by.

Of course, I am an old house romantic
and do love fixing them up
and it is in Santa Cruz
 one of my absolute favorite places...
 so I might be a little dreamy about this one.

Yep... I'm thinking we should fix this old house up... polish up it's character and beauty.
 my husband is just glad it isn't for sale.


Anyway, we are back home and it's back to work on our house over here.
I am breaking out my paintbrush and delving into a little painting project this weekend
will share more about that soon!

Hope your weekend is going great!

*Just so you know~ I was not compensated to share the Chaminade with you ~ I just love it*


  1. It is a beautiful house, it has great bones, and yes it makes you want to bring it back to life. I also love old houses. Thank you for the photos.


  2. What a wonderful get-away, It was relaxing to me just reading about it and I love old houses, as well, would love to see the inside of this one! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I can get lost on the internet looking at abandoned homes who haven't had owners or caretakers in decades. If they were well kept I don't think I would love them as much.
    The raised hosta bed made me sad. Someone really loved that house...their home.
    I wonder if the house was peeking back at you?



  4. I live about an hour and half away from Santa Cruz. Maybe closer. We don't go enough. I'll have to check out that resort. That's part of the problem...not knowing where to stay. I am so with you on dreaming about fixing up that house. It would be so fun...and so beautiful afterward!!!

  5. Oooooh! You know I am a sucker for old homes too, I would want to save this house right along with you. Love the pics and the sound of Santa Cruz, might have to come stay in a French country cottage guest house and have a little peace myself! Hope the self invite is okay?Lol:D

  6. I love older homes too!You are so lucky Courtney to live in one.Some day I hope I will too! I just have to convince my husband.He does not like older homes.I don't know why.So I have to work extra hard to make mine seem old on the inside.Can't wait to see what you are working on.Have a great weekend!

  7. I grew up in Florida and I was born for the beach! I lived in Ohio for six years and I was born for the seasons. What a delema....... I feel like I can't live without either one. Thank you for sharing the pictures. My vote is for you to buy the house.

  8. The beach is where my soul lives every day, Courtney. Even though it's a multitude of states away, it calls to me. I feel the exact same way when I'm there, though. Centered....focused...not a care in the world....and completely blessed. ♥ There is a beautiful, huge old farmhouse that sits in the woods, a stone's throw away from Lake Michigan that is in the same shape as the old house you found. Empty, forlorn, but with huuuuge potential for beauty. When we went by it this summer on our anniversary day trip out to the shoreline, there it was......for sale. We sat in the car and dreamed for a while, until we had to reality-check each other knowing that we could never in a million years afford to buy it AND fix it up. I'm sure they were asking a good $500,000 - 1 mil for it.

    xoxo laurie

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  10. Wonderful that you and the family had a great get away..looks like the hiking trails are a lovely way to spend the day..and I agree that home needs someone to love it and care for it..dreaming if I were only younger.

  11. i agree totally. that house needs somebody who loves it, needs a family. it could at least be a caretaker's house or a guest house for the resort. offer your services!

  12. Courtney,
    Your pictures are beautiful as ever. What a great get away for all of you. I agree with you as I was looking at the old house. It does look sad and wants someone to love it!!! The history that those walls could talk about!!! Oh my what a great place. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Loved the pictures.

  13. Courtney. Santa Cruz. I was born and raised there, went to Santa Cruz High when it was the only high school in town and my kids still live there. They were born at the hospital which is now just down the hill from the Chaminade but was in a different part of town then.. We have eaten at the restaurant many times and their brunches are spectacular. Did you know that it was originally a retreat for Monks? Many years ago. Anyway, sounds like you had a good time and it is always a great place to visit..Happy Weekend..Judy

  14. I sometimes wonder who doesn't love old homes and I know the answer is lots of people but I'm not one of them I agree the house is great. I love looking out old homes for ideas.

  15. Loved your post this morning. I to love old houses. My hubby and I love to buy them fix them up and give them a new life with a new family as we move on to yet another one. I feel like they are our unspoken history. They keep records in the walls. Oh if those walls could only speak. Can't you just hear the stories of days gone by. Here in the south we find these really huge old southern homes abandoned, but yet not for sale. I could literately spend days pondering their pasts. Gorgeous red creeper vines covering the walls in the autumn, wondering if they saw much civil war action. How beautiful the gardens must have once looked. Oh yes, must not forget the gardens that once stood so proud and beautiful. One can find remains of them if you look hard enough. A bed of daffodils here, a struggling rose bush on a broken down fence, a couple of azalea bushes there, a huge old magnolia ...and the list goes on. Thank you for sharing this one you found. It is lovely....Char

  16. Doesn't make you sad to see something that holds so many memories forgotten and neglected? I often wish I had the money to buy all the lonesome homes and bring them back to the beauty they once possessed.

    Wonderful pictures.

  17. No, you're not just being dreamy... What a great old house nestled in the forest! And sad that it sits lonely and uncared for, now. Fun to imagine fixing it up.

  18. Although I was born and raised in So. California I have never spent any time in Santa Cruz. We have wanted to drive to the pacific coast and this really looks like a lovely place to stay. THANKYOU for the tip. Also the old house made me sad. I wish you and your family could get a hold of it. You would bring the old place to life and make it a french chateau fit for royalty. Go on.....tell your hubs to see if he can't buy it. N.

  19. Your pictures are beautful. love the old house.

  20. What a wonderful getaway, indeed! And, I can only imagine the beauty you could bring out in that house on the hill!

  21. We are Santa Cruz locals, and a perfect get-away for me is spending a few nights at the Chaminade, with visits to the spa and a nice lunch on the patio in the peace and quiet. It's luxury in my very own corner of the world! I totally get your fascination with old houses, we've spent many weekends driving through these hills looking and dreaming about some of the homes that are tucked away under the trees. The renovation of our own tree damaged home is nearly complete, I will need a break after we are done. But then, I will get the bug and start dreaming about fixer-uppers again!! I always enjoy reading your posts, mostly just lurk but had to comment when I saw my "backyard" posted! From our rental I look out at the ocean and the palm trees at the entrance to the boardwalk. I can watch the weather change, and I living here in paradise I count my blessings every day!

  22. Hi Courtney!!!

    What a beautiful spot for a break!! It's too bad nobody wants to redo that beautiful old house!! I'm so much like you, wondering what went on and all the history that happened in these places.

    Glad you had a great time with your family and that you're back safe and sound.

    Have a great weekend!!


  23. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in Santa Cruz! Chaminade is lovely! I live in an apple orchard in Corralitos and I just love October in this area! It is very peaceful nestled between the ocean and redwood forests on each side. Did you get to walk in the Forest of Nisene Marks? So much to see in this area between Santa Cruz and Monterey!! I loved seeing the house and I can imagine how beautiful it would be after you had worked your magic on it! You are quite talented!! If you are ever in this area in October again, I would love to share apples with you - the fujis are ready right now, sweet and crisp!!
    Hugs, Colette

    1. Ohh I love Corralitos! We have looked at property in that area before! Such a beautiful area! I am not sure if I have been to Nisene Marks~ though it sounds familiar- we have explored the area quite a bit. We absolutely love it there! :)