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Romantic Vintage Florentine Tables

You know how sometimes you find something
that just speaks your language?

Something that has the right color

the right curves

the perfectly aged patina

that just says...

That was how I felt about these little thrift store finds when I saw them.

I found them just sitting there looking so lonely at the thrift store.
I was looking for dishes ;) and nearly missed them as I walked by.
But, I saw that pretty patina out of the corner of my eye and turned around

I walked over and ran my fingers across their shabby, worn but oh so beautiful
 gold and white paint

 Hello Beautiful!

They were tagged $80 but marked half price~ plus a little extra discount because of the wear
(which I don't mind at all)
they came out to $35.

I have no idea if that is a good price or not- but I just love them either way.

I am not quite sure just where they will end up staying in the house...
I am thinking of several rooms and several spots they will be perfect in.

For right now and for the photos
they are in the living room... looking oh so sweet.

It's love.

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  1. beautiful find courtney... 35 seems like a great deal!

  2. Oh my goodness yes! You got a fabulous deal, I've seen them for 99.00 to 220.00 on e-bay, Ruby lane has a set very similar to yours for 285.00 - so I'm thinking you got a STEAL!

    1. YES! Wonderful deal... but, oh so beautiful, either way, as you stated. LOVE them located by your couch, in your living room! :)

  3. Oh my word Courtney they are stunning and oh so pretty! look at the legs~sigh~dreamy and love indeed x

  4. Holy cow, I think that has got to be the best thrift store find EVER!!! Such elegant prettiness for a tiny price. Wow!!

  5. Not usually a friend of the gold but OMG they are fabulous! What a bargain!

  6. Courtney this is wonderful and I could feel the curves as you describe. Thanks for sharing


  7. Courtney,
    I'm in love too, what a find, they look beautiful in your living room.
    We participate in your Feather Nest Fridays and are new followers, We would like for you to follow us please at
    Thank you, Jeannie

  8. If I recall correctly, I sold a small Florentine coffee table for $150.00 about ten years ago. I'd say you got a good deal! ~ Maureen

  9. Very very sweet - and looks just like something you should own! And yes, that is a STEAL!

  10. Love them !
    I have their little sister instead of being rectangular it is half circle, but I have only one !
    xoxo from PARIS

  11. Oh my, they are sweet indeed, very pretty I would have grab them up too. I think you got a great deal.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  12. Wow, Courtney. Those are so pretty and I have seen them for hundreds of dollars.

  13. Courtney those are gorgeous and yes that is a steal of a price girl!!!! They look perfect and amazing in your home!!!

  14. They look beautiful, Courtney! And I think that was a very, very good price :)

  15. Courtney, those little tables are so beautiful, I had a friend that had a set and I always admired them. $35 seems like a good deal to me, especially since you love them so much..Happy Monday..Judy

  16. If you love them and the price seems right to you, then it is! They are lovely!

  17. Oh Courtney! Those are beautiful!! What a lucky find! Congratulations!!

  18. Oh my gosh, so pretty , you find the most amazing things, our thrift stores are so picked over we never find things like you do ,great job on your

  19. Hi Courtney, you got a wonderful deal!... I bought one a number of years ago at a junk store for $10... which was a fabulous price too!... I posted about it when I saw it's twin in one of Rachel Ashwell's books... my Rachel Ashwell look~alike table... love them!... Sweet Laurie at Heavens Walk recently found one too, and was thrilled when I told her to look in RA's book... now I want more, sigh... xoxo Julie Marie

  20. They are just lovely and a great find, Courtney! I thought I found something similar about a month ago but when I went up and touched them ~ they were plastic! I was so disappointed.

  21. Oh my what a find! They are so lovely and my goodness what a great price!

  22. Just perfect for you, Courtney. Nice find. I've sold several of these sets over the years, and $35 is a great price.

  23. They are GORGEOUS! The soft faded color with the white is so completely perfect for your house... Wow, what a find!


  24. I love the little tables and they have just the right amount of shabbiness.


  25. They are certainly pretty! My Mom has these & she, too, loves them.

  26. What a great deal! My daughter and I found a similar set of three at an antiques store last year for her apartment, for $145! They now grace her living room!

  27. Hi,
    We are your newest followers, we would appreciate it if you would follow us too.
    The Busy Bee's.

  28. THat is an excellent deal...a tray of that vintage would cost at least that amount. When you find something you love, you will always find a place for it! Enjoy your find!

  29. It has been too long since this has happened to me. I am so happy you found those tables. They were waiting for you!

  30. Oh my still my fluttering heart!!!! ♥! I LOVE these, Courtney!!! All three for only $35???? THAT is one great deal, girl!!! The gold with white is oh so elegant!! If by chance you just can't find a room to place them in.....I know a gal who would gladly give them a good home. :) Just holler. hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  31. These are sooooo very PRETTY and $35 was one awesome deal!!! I have never found anything that pretty at a thrift store...maybe one day i will get lucky.


  32. These are gorgeous. I love the!


  33. They are gorgeous and really you payed them nothing!!
    Hugs (from Italy)

  34. not sure i'v ever seen anyone find deals the way you do i have to shops and one is at anitque mall and some of the dealers sell these nestes for 200 and up so yes mamn u got a wonderful deal but then u always do!!!1

  35. Gawgeous!!! And what a price!?
    Drooling here...
    Cheers, Gee

  36. Courtney, those are beautiful; and yes, that is an EXCELLENT price!!

  37. I've always loved these little tables too, but haven't really found a spot for them in our house. They look absolutely beautiful in your home with our decor. I hope they stay there, with beatiful roses on them. :) ~Zuni

  38. $35 is a steal. I would have grabbed them, too, even if they weren't half price!

  39. De belles trouvailles... ravissantes photos où elles ont pris une place romantique.
    gros bisous

  40. Oh my. What amazing find. Just exquisite.. Love the photography.

  41. That's an amazing price for a set of three Italian nesting tables! Terrific find and they are so beautiful in your home.
    Mary Alice

  42. Oh Courtney,

    They are beautiful. I love the story and the patina and the beautiful aged look :)

    You are such a rock star :)

  43. Oh yes, that is a fantastic price!! They sell for about four times that in antique stores. Can you stack them one on top of the other? If so, that would be fun for a display - perhaps tuck them against a wall for stability. Have a great day. Looks like a warm one for us California girls.


  44. They are gorgeous, I love the style. That's a great price.

  45. WOW Courtney they are gorgeous, and what a steal!! I love the way they look in your beautiful living room!

  46. Hi Courtney,
    I am Italian living in CA only from 10 years I am am Artist & Designer that love vintage antiques and every finds I can recreate. I love your blog which I read by now from a while! I have to say that you really got a great deal with those wonderful Florentine tables. Usually those are pretty expensive in Italy! They are all hand made from artisans that pass this antique technique from generations. You can find trays or jewelry boxes very nice ones. I love your tables they are gorgeous and perfect in your home they can be anywhere.... please keep them forever!

    Take care


  47. LOVE your Florentine tables!!!
    I have the same ones!! A set of three that I purchased about two years ago at my local flea market for $45. You got an even better deal. I've seen them on Ebay and Etsy for several hundred dollars. I'd say we did good!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Will visit again soon.

  48. I'm so happy I found you now that I do not want to miss even one post.
    Nice to meet you.
    See you soon.

  49. Wow Thos are lovely centertables, perfect for my mckinley hill condo. )

  50. I very much enjoyed reading your blog.. Love the tables.. and yes that was a great price.. and great find!!

  51. They are lovely! What a find....

  52. Wow! $35 is an absolute steal for those tables! Excellent find!

  53. I would like to invite you to link up with us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week if you’d like to attend.

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick

  54. Courtney
    I found your 2012 blog page and your Italian Nesting Tables! I don't know where to look to find a thrift store in my area. They are too expensive on eBay. I love the creamy white color splashed over the gold. I have a chair and a Bombay Chest and these tables would look good beside the chair. Let me know your thoughts. I love your blog and your style.