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Rustic Fruit Crate

It's the 4th day of the 6 days of Spring!
I am having so much fun seeing all the fantastic ideas everyone is sharing!
I hope you are enjoying it too!

The 5 minute touch of Spring from earlier this week got lots of comments about
the easy ways to add Spring and charm.
So I thought I would share another simple easy way to create
 big Spring impact in just a few minutes.
If you saw my post yesterday sharing an outdoor Spring table

 you might have noticed the blooms sitting in the background near the fireplace.

I kind of have a thing for crates.
Big chunky ones, small delicate  ones.
 I am not picky about their size or if they are very worn~ I just love them.
I have a couple of them in the guest cottage kitchen on the shelves

Love them stacked up to use as a side table

and love this wine bottle crate that inspired a little centerpiece
 I will be sharing soon... so just a teeny tiny peek today.

While I was thinking of another way to add lots of Spring impact in just a few minutes
I thought of rustic wooden crates & flowers.
I happen to have a few old wooden fruit crates but you can also use any type of
container like a galvanized bucket or old weathered basket as well.

Those same potted tulips and daffodils & a calla lily from my posts this week
got moved around again and were simply set inside. 
No need to plant them in dirt.
I left them in their pots and grouped them in a way that I liked.

When I put the crate outside I also added paperwhites... 
well, what's left of their blooms anyway.
These are from Christmas.
I just liked their height and the grassy look they have. 

You can also add bricks or something to set them on to give some of them a little height
 if you would like.
I think this would be so perfect for a party decoration or an entry way.
A crusty bench with a charming crate of flowers by the front door would be sweet for a 
You can also bring it indoors and place it on the table or on a sideboard

 I love the rustic charm of the weathered crate mixed with the elegance 
of the painted sideboard and French chair.


Day 5 of the 6 days of Spring coming tomorrow
followed by a fantastic Spring Link party and AWESOME
giveaway with Pottery Barn!
Head on over to visit my party friends!!

See you this afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday!!


  1. Gorgeous table ... of course what wouldn't look amazing with that fireplace as the backdrop! Sweet crates and they are really pretty with the pink tulips & daffodils...they say Spring for sure!

  2. I'm also a big fan of old wooden crates...they hold so much charm. See ya later today at the party.


  3. Love the crate with the tulips! Just beautiful - as always! I'm having a bit of envy looking at those outdoor picks - here on the east coast it's still so cold and gray! Can't wait for spring!

  4. So beautiful!
    enJOY a lovely today,

  5. Everything looks so pretty, Courtney! xo

  6. So pretty Courtney! Yes I love those old wood totes.And I have a fondness for the rusty metal ones too! Love the graphics on your tote!

  7. OK, I can't resist saying it, what a "crate" idea! I have a serious infatuation with boxes, crates, trunks--all of it, and think your use of your crate is wonderful.

  8. been pinning some of your beautiful pics :)

  9. I just adore your outside eating space....
    Hugs, Gee

  10. It all looks so pretty and bright-I, too, love old crates, containers of about any type. I best get myself some spring flowers to brighten things up here (in the midst of this snowstorm) LOL

  11. I love using crates, too.
    I'm crazy about the blue chair and sideboard!

  12. Crates are so great! We use them for storage at our house as well as firewood. They're so fun to stain/decoupage/paint/etc too.

  13. While it pours here... I can look at your lovely flowers and photos and dream of Spring Courtney. Thanks for the little escape!!

  14. I love the rustic crates mixed with the delicate flower ... so pretty!