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High Point Market -peeks

If you follow my instagram or twitter ~
 then you know that I have been over in High Point North Carolina for a few days to visit the
 High Point Furniture Market.

Talk about a design bloggers dream market!! It was absolutely amazing and inspiring!
 I wanted to just move entire collections of furniture into my rooms. 
I was so thrilled to be previewing a new line to share with you that I think you will absolutely love like I did- and  I was also so excited to meet up with a most amazing group of bloggers to shop the market with!

Our group was organized by the gracious Amy of Atta Girl Says
Seriously might have been lost without all her help~  the market is HUGE. 

But Amy knew all the in's and out's and led our group.
The other girls who shopped till we dropped 
 Rhoda from Southern Hospitality, Kristen from Sophia's Decor, Barbara from The Everyday Home, Suzy from Worthing Court, Shirley from Housepitality Designs and Kim from Savvy Southern Style
Ohhhh these girls are so much fun!!  I had the best time with them
and it's so much fun to connect with blog friends in person and give them hugs!

After lots of shopping Amy invited us all over for dinner at her beautiful home 
and her sweet husband cooked & even made a vegetarian dish for me. 
Unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy it. :( Those sinus issues I had been having the past couple weeks
 turned into an infection and the decongestants & antibiotics were not agreeing with my stomach
 while I was in High Point.

On Monday after the press breakfast and keynote speech~ we toured showrooms galore
 and I toured a few more on my own on Tuesday 
Shabby Chic, Thibaut, Home Meridian, Eloquence, Safavieh, Somerset Bay
 to name just a few and oohed and ahhed over crystal chandeliers, aubusson pillows
 and gorgeous French and vintage inspired pieces. Some of us also listened to Aerin Lauder speak about her new line and said hello to Tobi Fairley who was there as well.

We also fit in a couple stops at vintage shops- I have to say the prices in North Carolina
 were absolutely incredible. 
I really needed a truck to bring back everything I wanted to- but I might have snagged a few things 
that I shipped back to myself! 
Here are a few tidbits of what inspired me~ I'll share more in another post.

Loved the garden inspirations at Elegant Earth

Beautiful Aubusson pillows and rugs

Gorgeous inspirations everywhere

After all that we ran into crazy flight issues on the way home with all the 
air traffic control and weather issues in Chicago.
Cancellations, delays, over bookings and re-routed flights. UGH. 
On top of that-the commuter plane from Greensboro landed in Chicago and there was no gate 
for our plane to go to.
So we were all unloaded down the plane steps onto the tarmac where we grabbed our luggage 
and ran through the rain to get over to the airport. 
 It was more than a little strange and pretty wet and cold but we were all glad to have arrived safely
even if we were quite delayed.
So I am back home and regrouping and catching up and 
will share more details about High Point soon.
Also, so much more coming your way about a gorgeous, inspiring new line from Pulaski called Accentrics Home.
Here's a sneak peek~ I sooo love this piece!
 I really seriously think I need a pair of them.

See you Thursday for Feathered Nest Friday!!


  1. O wow, I love that bed with the mirror.
    greetings Judith from so cozy vintage

  2. So fun meeting you in High Point and nice to see some different things I didn't get to see. LOVE that chest, too. If you get a pair send me a set, too. Gorgeous! Sorry you had flight issues.

  3. Beautiful! Love the Crystorama chandelier, the Elegant Earth statuary & the Aubusson rugs & pillows! More, more!

  4. OOhhh so many beautiful things! The chandelier... the bed with the mirrors.
    Sorry your sinuses acted up. Pollen I guess. Feel better soon.
    Hugs, Gee

  5. Everything is beautiful. Can't wait to see more. I believe I see a diy Crystorama chandelier in my future. The wheels are turning. :)

  6. Oh man, that last piece is over the top insanely gorgeous. Sounds like so much fun, and so much inspiration at the furniture market. I bet your head is so full of ideas! Thanks for sharing the photos, i can't wait to hear more about it all!


  7. It looks like you all had a fabulous time at High Point. How exciting for you girls! The pieces you featured in your post are to-die-for beautiful and I adore the bed with the gray and white bedding. Gorgeous!

  8. Sounds like one wonderful trip and I LOVE that chest!!!


  9. The Accentrics Home chest is calling my name! Cannot wait to hear where to get it, how much is it, etc... Your trip looks like it was so much fun.


  10. How fun! What an amazing event. I was so fun to see all of you gals in one photo! Thanks for all the great pictures!

  11. Oh, sounds like so much fun!! So many pretty things to take in. I bet your mind was on overload. Fun, fun, fun.


  12. Wow what fun to meet up with other bloggers and to tour and see all that beautiful furniture and home accessories! Love that last piece too!Yes last week was pretty bad in Chicago.Lots of rain and floods.The worst I have ever seen it.
    Hope your sinuses are better I suffer from that too.Especially this time of the year.

  13. What fun!! Sorry you were under the weather!!! Feel better and enjoy the ideas that are spinning around in your head!!! Hugs!

  14. Hope you feel better❤ I have not been to High Point in years...since pre blog days! Need to go back sometime if only to ohhh & ahhh

  15. Tried to leave a comment before....argh, blogger! Looks like fun times, hope you feel better❤

  16. Oh my gosh, it looks so amazing there! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. xo

  17. Glad you made it home safely, but so sorry you encountered so many flight issues.

    Those chests are amazing. Wow, you weren't kidding.

    I can't wait to see what you shipped back to yourself, too.

    So wonderful meeting you, and you are welcome any time.

    Feel better soon.

  18. Une superbe publication... je sens que vous avez passé et partagé des moments passionnants.
    Merci de nous montrer un petit aperçu de cette exposition.
    Gros bisous

  19. You may have been under the weather, but you sure looked pretty! Look at all you famous bloggers! :)


  20. Wow! So jealous you went to market, I went a few years back and it is so overwhelming but awesome! I love that last Pulaski piece too.... now how to recreate it ;) thanks for sharing all of the gorgeous pictures! - Susan

  21. I am sooooo jealous! Looks like you had a great time with the exception of the sinus issue! Looking forward to more posts about your adventure!

  22. Courtney,
    I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet you! I had such a blast with everyone! Wow, I didn't make it to looks amazing :) Not enough time in two short days. I'm sorry to hear about your plane and I feel really bad that I made everyone walk to Gypsy Marketplace after finding out you were sick! Feel better...

    1. No worries at all!! I LOVED the Gypsy Market...the walk was hilarious ;) and well worth it!! I actually sent a couple ladies there the next day when I was on my way to Shabby Chic. I feel that I NEED several more things I wish I had shipped to myself! Argh!! If anyone is going back- please let me know!! BTW- had to ship the boards- but you know what? They had a UPS and FEDEX office on the 2nd floor of the main building. Easy!! :)

  23. I thought this spring's market was a bit of a bust. I really didn't think there was a lot of new inspiration this season. Maybe October will provide a bit more oomph! LOL I liked the Accentrics line, as well as Eloquence, too. I think I was most excited about the Amy Howard's Paint line. I spoke to her for some time on Friday about her products and was very impressed. Enough so that I went back for her seminar on Saturday. It was a short trip and we accomplished a lot, but I needed more time. I woulda loved to meet up with everyone, if only for a drink in one of the showrooms. :-) Sorry you were not feeling well and had flight issues. No fun on a long trip back to the coast- been there, done that! ~ Sue

  24. Pretty impressive to see all those displays, I would be hard pressed to not want some myself! Beautiful, all of it. Glad you made it back, finally. Patty/BC

  25. Beautiful pictures! I dream of going to the midwest or south & driving back with a uhaul full of great stuff! So much cheaper than California prices.

  26. Beautiful pictures! I dream of going to the midwest or south & driving back with a uhaul full of great stuff! So much cheaper than California prices.

  27. Courtney - I had so, so much fun with you at the HP Market. It was wonderful to finally meet you in person! I hope it won't be too awfully long until I get to see you again. The Market comes back in October, you know. :D

  28. Oh Courtney, love the Accentrics Home and Eloquence line. Thanks for sharing your trip. You picked a bad time to visit NC there is a ton of pollen.

  29. What vintage shops did you visit in High Point? I am in the area and would love to know.

  30. I love your picks. What vintage shops did you visit in High Point? I live in the area!!!!

  31. Bless your heart! So sorry you weren't well on this trip -you managed to share some amazing photos of the event. My neighbor owns a lighting business and an organic farm business -they just returned too - they had a fantastic time - I am sure it was quite overwhelming - all the inspiration and beauty. So glad you made it home safely - quite an adventurous trip!
    God Bless,