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On the Road~ Day 1

I shared earlier this week that I am shopping the Worlds Longest Yard Sale 
with 5 other amazing bloggers
and GMC. 

I have been sharing on instagram and  FB and Twitter and thought I would share a few of the amazing things we have seen on day one of our trip

For those who might have missed the post -you can find it here

It's 6 bloggers
GMC and their AMAZING team
driving 3 Acadia Denali's from 
Michigan to Georgia
shopping the worlds Longest yard sale for treasures to decorate a 
Habitat For Humanity House in Georgia

It's an absolutely amazing project and I am so thrilled to be a part of it.

I flew into Michigan on Wednesday morning early
and met with the team the next morning.
We then spent the afternoon getting to know our beautiful rides for the week ~
The GMC Acadia Denali

So many awesome things about this car- we are loving it- 
which we have nicknamed 'babygirl' because of it's license plate.
We started out shopping the local Re-Store here and found lots of great stuff for our rooms
A little junk on the trunk (quote courtesy of Connie)

and we were off to a great start filling up the trailer with necessities and fun stuff

Today~ we started out in Hudson, Michigan 
and ended up in Florence Kentucky.

The yard sales area fantastic- one right after another and sometimes a whole block.

Then sometimes you go for miles with nothing.
Here are some of the notable things we saw today

This guy was so sweet to donate this vintage ladder to the house.

We LOVED these chairs. I WANTED these chairs
They were $8 each.
Wanted them but they weren't a fit for the rooms we were working on
and the others didn't need them.

We saw gorgeous gorgeous homes
and amazing barns. 

We stopped for a few Griswold moments and gazed at the water
and then got back to shopping.
I recharged my phone with the USB port
while driving. 

Jocie was gathering signatures along the way too

We arrived in Florence Kentucky this evening
went to a fantastic dinner
and then off to get some supplies before climbing into bed

Tomorrow~ we are getting up early again for 
Day Two 
of the yard sale
and from what everyone says- it should be amazing!!!

Hope you will follow along on FB and Instagram
and share your ideas too!

I was not compensated to write this post or to participate in this program 
with GMC and Habitat for Humanity
 My travel expenses are paid as part of participating.

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  1. Cheers to you and the group for your commitment to this!

  2. Looks like a blast!! Those sales are awesome and I live only minutes from the highway in Ohio - woo hoo!! You're doing a great thing. :o)

  3. You are kidding me!!! I was at the sale in Michigan and north of West Unity I was parked behind one of these vehicles!!!! I almost took a photo , but didn't. Small world!! Have fun...I was exhausted and only got as far as Bryan, Ohio. I did not stop at every sale either. lol

  4. PS I believe my hubby knows the guy in the photo also...he worked with him years ago and just talked with him at our granddaughters baseball game!! :)

  5. What a fun dream of a trip, I loved those $8 chairs also , I would have tied them on top of the car
    I haven't done that for years got in the car and just shopped across the states, makes we wanna go again ,
    keep showing us pictures I really enjoyed them

  6. How neat and it looks like so much fun, I'll be following along to see all your great finds. Love the french looking diningroom table!

  7. How amazingly awesome!! I have a GMC Acadia and I love love love it! Have fun on your adventures. That tub and those chairs are dreamy!

  8. This sounds like so much fun. Can't wait to see the decor.

  9. Last year I went to the worlds largest yard sale and loved it! Y'all have fun!!

  10. way to go girls! looks like so much fun...i have been enjoying the photos via FB. that kind of road trip sounds like my kind of vacation :)

  11. OMG $8 for each chair!!!! That is like coffee and a pastry at Starbucks!!!

  12. What a great experience and for a great cause! Looks like fun!

  13. You go girl - what a great thing you guys are doing. Keeping sending photo's - love them! Have a terrific trip and have tons of fun.

  14. so very cool hope you find lots of great things and have fun along the way
    come over and see us at

  15. Oh, road trip, road shopping trip! I love that.

  16. It sounds amazing. I would love to go to the world's longest yardsale! Have fun.

  17. Ahh, I see you started in Florence, KY. One of my sisters (who comprises 1/3 of Panoply, along with myself and another sister) lives nearby, and here's a funny story about our experience with the Longest Yard Sale....we started in Florence and made it about 3 blocks - total! Hahaha....we are so detailed when we shop, we lose track of time, and before you know it, the day is shot and we haven't covered much territory at all! But, boy, do we have fun! I hope you do too! Welcome to the neighborhood, Courtney!
    Best, Rita

  18. Courtney, it is fun to follow along on this adventure. Thanks for sharing this experience with your readers.

  19. Oh, Courtney, I am just catching up on blogs and wish I had known you were one of the bloggers in Atlanta to do that house. We heard all about last year's at the haven conference. I hope this means you will be at haven next year!!