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Wicker trays & vintage inspired Autumn

September brings warm sunshine and a little chill in the air at night
Hot cocoa by the bonfire
 and colorful leaves scattering on the ground
It's that wonderful time of the year where Summer is warming up the days
and Fall is cooling off the nights and is just a little bit in between the two seasons

I love starting to decorate for Fall in September but truth be told
I am a Summer girl and love to keep Summer around the house just a little longer.
So I tend to bring in warm and natural elements
like sweet dried flowers and natural grasses to mix in with the pumpkins, fall leaves and acorns

I also love to bring in something with natural texture like wicker
It just seems to fit the natural look that September brings.

The other day while shopping at the Re-Store
I found a whole stack of vintage baskets and a fantastic bunch of wheat that was mixed in with
old ribbons, straw hats and silk flowers.

Even though I don't usually find anything in this section
I always take a quick peek to see if there is something that catches my eye
This time- it must have been basket day

I found several beautiful large vintage wicker trays, baskets  
and stacks of large round platters 

I loved the vintage pieces right away- it must be that aged appearance that wicker gets
and the charming woven details. 
As I looked at them and pondered
an simple idea for a quick change in the breakfast area started to swirl around a bit-
 so I grabbed a few more of the newer wicker to mix in before heading out.
At .50 cents each- they were the perfect price too.

The white platters and plates that were in the breakfast nook for Summer were swapped
with the wicker platters, baskets and plates and dried florals.

I love the natural texture and how the wicker 
brings so much warmth- which is much like September is with it's
warm transition between Summer and Fall

I also added a few bunches of dried roses 
and little white pumpkins with pale pink roses on the table
and a quote about Fall from Emily Bronte on the vintage framed chalkboard.

I'm loving how simple and sweet it is
and how the mix of wicker seems to welcome Autumn in
while embracing all that late Summer beauty.

I am excited to be joining a fantastic group of bloggers today
in sharing our homes and rooms decorated 
for Fall with a vintage touch.
Hope you will take a peek at each of them and their gorgeous
vintage inspired decor!

2IMG_3410 At Home on the Bay - Falling for Vintage
Fall-Vintage-Mantel-GraphicsFairy-250 Vintage-Fall-Home-at-Eclectically-Vintage
Vintage-Inspired-Display Vintage Fall Home Tour at DIYShowOff
Happy Monday everyone!!
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  1. Beautifully done, Courtney. I am holding on a bit longer to summer, too.

  2. This look is very pretty and soft. I love your table and chalkboard! Happy Autumn to you. Blessings, Pamela

  3. This is such a lovely idea and great way to switch things up for the season! I agree, there's something about wicker... may have to pull mine out!
    Brandi - Nest of Bliss

  4. Such warmth brought by the wicker display Courtney. Wicker and dried roses... a superb combination.

  5. Your breakfast nook looks so beautiful! I love the touches of wicker and dried roses.

  6. Your home is gorgeous in any season - love the texture and warmth the wicker baskets bring (a wicker gallery wall)!!

  7. Those baskets look so beautiful displayed there. I will never look at wicker baskets the same way again!


  8. Yours is simply beautiful... So calm... So relaxing a feeling, it gives. Delightful...


  9. Love the big chalkboard. Hanging the dried roses in front of the wicker is cute. xoxo,Susie

  10. Everything looks beautiful Courtney! Love the baskets and the dried rose!

  11. I love the texture the baskets bring to your bfast nook!

  12. I've always loved baskets in the kitchen! My mother has a ton. I love summer too, but it was still 94 degrees today, 9/9/13 and it's time for a cool down!

  13. Love it all, so soft and romantic! The colors are perfect for the transition!

  14. hi Courtney, I love coming and seeing your pretty blog. thanks for sharing

  15. So beautiful Courtney! The baskets on the walls add such a nice bit of texture and your chandelier is magnificent!!

  16. Beautiful, Courtney. Love the texture and natural tones.

  17. Very pretty. I love the baskets.. very soft color and nice touch. I agree, a slower transition is nice. I feel like the blog world is jumping in to fall so fast!

  18. Courtney, today is the first time I've really looked at your curtains and pillow on the bench behind the table. Where did you find that beautiful fabric? My breakfast chairs need to be re-upholstered, and I really like the look of your fabric.


  19. When I was in college, we hung baskets on the wall and it looked cheesy. But your baskets look beautiful, classy and fabulous! What did we do wrong? Perhaps it was the orange matted carpet that spoiled our look.

    Anyway, your baskets look great.

  20. Beautiful, as always, Courtney. I love the texture and romance in your decorating!