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Getting ready for the Holidays

When do you start thinking about decorating and getting your house
 ready for the holidays?

Silver and gold tree
I am a pretty early bird over here and I start decorating for Christmas... the day after Halloween.
I can't help it - I love the Holiday season. 
The twinkling lights, the Christmas trees and mantels draped in greens, the silver and gold and glitter 
and everything pretty, getting together with family and friends.
I love all the magic.
Of course, in anticipation of guests, get-togethers and holiday fun~
fresh coats of paint, organizing and maybe even a quick makeover are in order too.

Here are a few of the things I like to do that are easy to pull together
but make a huge impact on getting your home ready for those parties and guests.

 Start with the entry

I love a fresh coat of paint on the front door anytime of the year- at the holidays even better.
 I like to add potted boxwood or Christmas trees on each side 
and a wreath or garland draped with a pretty ribbon.
I also love adding extra lighting to the walkway.
 Think about that ambiance that starts the minute guests pull into the driveway.

 Bathroom Refresh

I pretty  much think the bathroom can always benefit from a refresh.
A crisp coat of paint on the wainscot, new shower curtain
 new hardware like towel racks, and hooks and maybe a new faucet
are very simple ways to give your bathroom a fresh look without too much cost, time or work.

Organize, organize, organize

It seems like the more Christmas boxes come out- the more that clutter takes over.
Take the extra decor stuff, the clutter and those knick knacks and
place them into one of those big bins for storage or even donate them.
I love those big bins for storing Christmas decor~  so as the decor comes out of the bin
 the other stuff goes right in and gets stored.

Christmas Ladder 

Of course- there is a lot of decorating to get ready as well.
My favorite looks for the Holidays are natural- fresh wreaths and garland and living trees
All of which I get from Lowes~ I used them everywhere last year and
yes, I will be buying them again this year.
You can find the garland and wreaths on the Lowes website 
but they are not in stock just yet - they should be soon!
fresh garland  24" fresh wreath

I love little living trees too the ones in tiny little pots

 and the bigger ones that you can place in a bucket or wrap in burlap. 
These are little European trees from Lowes last season that I placed into various silver
on the living room mantel with one of the fresh wreaths.

I have a whole bunch of inspirations for decor this year and 
there were some amazing ideas and diy's shared in the Holiday Ready Home event 
My guests and I were inspired by so many of the ideas.
Here are a couple of favorites~
We all loved the entry design with it's white color scheme and gorgeous bright red door
so pretty!!

We also loved the beautiful trio of ornament mirrors that were in the entry
completely amazing- they might have to go on my list of projects this season.

You can view these segments and more of the Lowes #holidayreadyhome event 
to get ideas and inspiration  for getting your home ready for the holidays 
by clicking  here

I am getting so excited about getting my home ready for the Holidays
As I mentioned last week~  I already put a tree up for the Lowe's party so
I'll be sharing party decor and my new favorite ornament from Lowes soon

A big thank you to Lowes for sponsoring my party~ we had a great time getting inspired!
All designs & opinions are my own of course.

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  1. You go girl! I am gonna wait a bit. I will change over before thanksgiving... but as long as it is still yellow and orange outside, it will be the same in here! I love your site, I never seem to have time to leave a note! Good to connect with you here and on FB.... Brooke

  2. No!!!!!! I cannot believe you are so well organised as to be preparing for Christmas already!
    But there is so much sense in what you say regarding refreshing paintwork etc. I always find myself thinking about doing that in the run up to Xmas and then find it doesn't get finished in time, so starting now makes real sense.
    Thanks for the timely reminders!
    Your white rooms dressed for the festivities look magical!
    Gill xx

  3. I am the same way Courtney. I migrated from the Philippines which has no Thanksgiving, so Christmas basically starts in September where I came from! Day after Halloween is big for me too and all the Christmas stuff comes out, I love it that way!

  4. I love it that you give us great ideas early, because it really does take time. Merry early Christmas!!

  5. I love the magic of Christmas . love this picture too ... LOVE LOVE as always

  6. Oh, I have to admit that I bought myself some new Christmas decoration goodies today :) Love your gorgeous tree!

  7. Since Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year, I enjoy autumnal/harvest decor until November 30. But Christmas decor stays up til Epiphany around my house! We celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas -- and Christmas is Day One. :-)

  8. Since Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year, I enjoy autumnal/harvest decor until November 30. But Christmas decor stays up til Epiphany around my house! We celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas -- and Christmas is Day One. :-)

  9. Since Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year, I leave harvest decor up til Nov. 30. BUT we celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas here, so Christmas decor stays up until Epiphany!

  10. I pinned your mantle, I love the little trees in the tin pails.

  11. I especially like the grouping of fresh trees. I pinned this cuz I want to remember to do this, I love all the silver containers!!
    Faye @
    I think my link just goes to google. so find me at the BlogSpot above.

  12. I don't decorate until after Thanksgiving. I like the Christmas stuff, but not for a long time. I can't wait to get it all down by the time Christmas gets here.

  13. I'm going to put up one of my Christmas trees the week before Thanksgiving because I host and I like to have a pretty tree put up for everyone. It's the "formal tree" and is fake but the "family tree" with all of our fun ornaments is going to be real this year so I'll wait until just after Thanksgiving to put that one up. A lot of my Thanksgiving decorations can transition into Christmas- I use pinecone garland on my stairs which stays up through Christmas and lots of burlap. The pumpkins will get the boot obviously. Heck, I'm already tired of looking at them!

  14. I will start early as I have to decorate a hotel with 8 trees before Thanksgiving, so will take all my fall/Halloween decor down and start organizing Christmas after Halloween. I have a village that I put up and that takes a long time so I will have t get cracking. Many thanks for a lot of your ideas. Your decorations are beautiful. Have a great Halloween.....

  15. I put mine up the day after Thanksgiving. I luv the Christmas decor... I am in planning stage. Told my Mr. we needed a new tree and we went shopping, well eye shopping. Wouldn't you know, the one he luves is $279.. the one I want is no longer being made :-(
    I want to do a nature themed tree this year... we'll see.
    Luv your ideas Courtney! Beautiful...
    Hugs, Gee

  16. Although I don't start putting my Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving, I do start going through some of my décor and have already taken some things I no longer used to consignment. I love getting ideas early so I will already have things worked out in my head on how I want to decorate. In fact, I got some great ideas today when I browsed through the PB Holiday catalog that came in the mail.
    BTW.... I love how you used the ladder to hang your stockings and wreath. That would be great idea for someone who doesn't have a mantle.

  17. I'm already thinking about it and trying to keep focused. Smile.. Sometimes I love everything, but know I must audit.

  18. I won't decorate yet. Last year I ended up having to change the greens because they got so dry. I will probably start a day or two before Thanksgiving-upstairs. Then I will decorate downstairs on Black Friday. The big tree will go up the weekend after Thanksgiving. It will be the last thing. I can't wait to see what you will be doing.

  19. I am so with you, Love the Magic of just decorating and I Love Lowes! Now I have to know what did you do with all the Little Trees once the Holidays were over last year? I have them on my list this year, but afterwards?

    Thanks for sharing Courtney!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  20. I've been DYING to decorate for Christmas probably the second I took last Christmas' decorations down.
    Thank you for verifying for me that I'm not completely nuts for wanting to start Christmas in November.
    After all, the reasons for Christmas should be celebrated year round really, right ?

    Your ladder is adorable!


  21. Since my father passed away 7 years ago my family has celebrated Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving because my mom comes in from Florida. We will do this again this year in full Christmas decor mode. It sure does make the month a December so less stressful. Plus the house has that cheery attitude for two months instead of one. Turn on the twinkle nights and put the Christmas channel on the sound system and we're good to go.

  22. I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas...but not doing as much this year as last...trying to keep it your Christmas decor Courtney