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Random Saturday

What does a little vintage blue jar
filled with sweet roses clipped from the arbor
have to do with random Saturday musings?

I have no.idea.
It just happens to be something that inspired me
and inspired a few photos yesterday

This weeks Random Saturday post is pretty much just about simple beauty.
Simple beauty like a small delicate rose that is just starting to bloom
With loads of dainty petals 
Whenever I share photos of these roses I get questions about them
so thought they would be a perfect random Saturday share

I have several Cecile Brunner climbers in our yard that we planted when we first moved in
If you aren't familiar with them- they are the type of rose that when they bloom
 they BLOOM.
Like an explosion of pretty flowers all.over.

Not only are the plants covered in dainty little pale pink blooms
they smell absolutely amazing.
It is definitely a treat to bring them indoors
and let their scent fill the room

I am loving them in this vintage blue jar.
Simple and sweet.

Working on some photography and doing a bit of traveling this weekend

and looking forward to spending lots of time with my babies.
 who really aren't babies any more- being that they are pretty grown up already
But you know how it is. 
They will always be those little babies to me.

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Balsam Hill
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Happy Random Saturday!

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  1. Happy mothers day to you sweet friend. Hugs from my mountain to yours Gloria

  2. Hi Courtney, your bleu jar and clippings from the arbor say so much more....your art in collecting and arranging and creating are inspired by the love and beauty around you. A simple bleu jar and the soulful beauty that has come from it.

    Your photos inspire me!
    Happy Mothers Day.


    Ps. I found a beautiful vintage lantern in Malibu Ca. That inspires my soul, come see my posting of it.

  3. Beautiful roses, Courtney! Love the soft pink color and they look so sweet in the blue mason jar. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. I love Cecil Brunner roses. Have one in my back yard. When in bloom, it is so beautiful it takes your breath away, but it is gone in the blink of the eye! One rain storm or windy day, and that is all she wrote! Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day! Nanny

  5. Amazing photos and i like your blog very much! Greetings from Serbia!:)

  6. Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

  7. I, too, have a Cecile Brunner. No matter that it gets severely cut back every winter, it turns into a monster climber with 20' canes every spring! :) Ours just finished blooming, for the most part. I fed it, so it may bloom again. Happy Mother's Day to you! <3