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Weekend View~ Sand & Sea

My weekend view

Breathing the fresh sea air
with the warm sun shining down
and the sand in between my toes
Yeah, I could pretty much do this every day of the week.

I spent a couple days doing just that this weekend.
Sitting on the beach relaxing and taking in all that sunshine
sand and invigorating sea air

The ocean is a happy place for me. There is nothing quite as beautiful and inspiring
and living in California- we are lucky because the beach is just right.there.
The Santa Cruz area is one of my favorite places all around anyway-
 the beach, the mountains, the eucalyptus and sequoias 
so much nature all around- it is gorgeous.

We stayed in an old favorite resort in a room with a view
and we played on the beach 

and spent some time with these grown up kids

In between relaxing and rejuvenating
 I did a little bit of work
which wasn't really much like work

Since we made a quick stop at Trader Joes for some bottled water and trail mix 
and I just happened to bump into a few peonies...

I had to do it
The Beach AND a bouquet of peonies?
Yep, pretty much amazing and the perfect setting for some styled photography
as well as a nice romantic setting for a bite to eat.
I mean, you can put towels in a beach bag any day of the week right? 
But pale pink peonies in a black and white striped beach bag 
at the beach?! Oh the inspiration.
I am in love.

As I was working 
there was a guy sitting a few feet behind me playing guitar and singing in the softest voice
 think Jack Johnson
It really was just such a perfect addition to the already incredible 
ambiance all around.

The sounds of the ocean and birds
the beautiful sea air breeze blowing through my hair
the sand in between my toes
and the sun on my skin
a chunky beach bag full of peonies.

I'm in love. 

More on our beach adventures and what else I was working
Hope your weekend has been going great!

Happy June 1st everyone!

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  1. I grew up in So Cal and now live in FL only 6 miles from the beach. I honestly don't think I could ever not live by the beach now!!! Lovely pics:)

  2. I live on the beach in southern California and can't imagine not seeing the ocean daily. We don't have seasons, but we have an ever changing ocean and I love it.

    I saw the peonies at TJ's and wanted to buy them for my dinner party, but the colors just don't match my table setting.

  3. I live in Santa Cruz Courtney! There is a great weekly Flea Market here and I just got back from it this morning. If you ever want to go I would love to show you. I know you are Friends with Heather G. in Folsom and she is one of my best friends and we go to the Flea together whenever we can. I am glad you had a relaxing time!

  4. So pretty! What a beautiful destination. Pink peonies on the beach - too funny! Love it! Sally@cottagefix

  5. Sand, surf and peonies....what could be better!....Have a great time!!!

  6. Love Santa Cruz...and love being so close to it! Peonies on the beach...perfection!

  7. These pictures made me sooo beach hungry. We are heading to the beach in September. I'm trying not to wish the summer away but the beach is calling me. . .

  8. What a beautiful post. The flowers and the ocean are beautiful. Leave it to you to bring peony to the beach. Lol!

  9. Amazing photography!

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  10. Looks like that should be a AD in some women's magazine.

  11. Awesome photos...can'f get any better than that....beach, flowers, sun....

  12. What a beautiful relaxing post! I feel like I was there with you! Thank you for sharing! Xo, Kathy@The Daily Nest

  13. Beautiful post! I lived in San Jose for some time in my youth, and we visited Santa Ctuz often. The beaches, my Cali! Every time we think of leaving for greener pastures, we end up staying.