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Inspiration: Aqua

You know how sometimes you notice a certain color or a certain piece of furniture 
and then start seeing it everywhere? 
Like every time you look at a room or a photo or a vignette- 
you are drawn to that certain thing or color in it.

This week has been an aqua loving week.

From front doors to shabby beach cottages- aqua is in the spotlight
 and is what has been inspiring me around blog land. I thought I would share 10 of my favorite pins this week- you can find links and more over at my board all about Aqua Love at Pinterest.

A stack of green books- I am in.

This is a little bit darker color but I love the details on this window frame- absolutely gorgeous.

Pale teacups edged in gold? Yes, please.
I actually have a very similar set that I will share sometime.

I am loving the pale shade on these cupboards- unexpected and beautiful

Nothing says aqua like a shingled beach cottage trimmed in white

I love the idea of adding a couple simple pieces
like colorful, bold stools to an otherwise white room for a pop 

Simple, shabby, chippy gorgeous.

One of my favorites- a bold front door.

One more kitchen-
 because- I just love it and especially with that brass hardware

I have a little bit of aqua love going on over here
with those pale bottles I shared recently and 

that chippy bench that is

I am thinking Summer might be the perfect time to add a bit more of that dreamy
 aqua beauty to our home.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. I have some soft aqua in my master and I love it. All of you inspiration pics are so pretty.

  2. I do love this's a very important one in the Southwest USA and I have always loved it

  3. I do love a touch of aqua in each room. It seems so refreshing. Love these inspirational photos. Thanks!

  4. OK, having a tad of aqua envy here. In love with that enchanting window! Last spring I bought a vintage aqua wooden scoop. It is inspiration for all sorts of serving ideas from popcorn to fruit. Thanks for the links. I'm off to visit.

  5. I actually have a chippy aqua bench, although it's tiny. Perhaps I'll post it later. Loving that window! The detail is just magnificent. The aqua on the teacups is lovely too. It's like a whisper. Aqua does work so well with all things chippy and patina-ed (past tense of patina??)


  6. my fave colour, it's EVERYWHERE in my house!

  7. I have to agree...aqua is one of my all-time favorite colors! I have several pops of it in my fact, every time I paint something, I always want to do aqua and have to force myself to use other colors, lol! Your inspiration pictures are beautiful! That window frame,!!!!!

  8. Love this post. I love aqua.

    Blessings! Pamela

  9. Ok... now I am having a slight aqua crush! Such pretty inspirational pictures Courtney.

  10. I always love your own flower images the best ;-) I have blue-greens in my house, and have for more than twenty years in one form or another. When you love a color, you just have to live with it!!

  11. Lovin' it. This post is making me want to go buy something aqua ...or possibly paint something aqua! :)

  12. Aqua is absolutely awesome. I definitely will have to incorporate it into my home.

  13. As always, a beautifully curated collection of photos.

  14. So much snip ration in all the different photos do aqua...
    Love the frame with the kitty on the ledge.

    Inspiring a day shopping at Tiffany's :)
    All boxed up in aqua/Bleu


  15. Love both of those kitchens, looks so clean and fresh. The past 2 years, aqua has been creeping into my home also. It's in my wedding china, did a post on it one Christmas.

  16. I agree with you. On this color can not be missed in the summer..I love it.
    Greetings from Germany

  17. I was never an aqua person BUT . . . . when we downsized our kitchen counters were aqua . . . . and my hubby is not about to tackle the job of removing them. The kitchen cabinets were installed with the counters and back splash firmly affixed. So . . . I learned to love aqua and started adding it to pieces around the house. I'm glad I can now find accents. Beautiful photos and I love your shabby bench as a photo prop.

  18. Aqua is my new favorite color! I bought some aqua chalk paint to paint everything in sight with it! Great pictures!

  19. What a fun post! Every pic was beautiful an inspiring. Aqua is irresistible!

  20. un colore che rende l'estate meno torrida! belle le idee nelle foto!

  21. All lovely but oh that kitty on the windowsill ! :)

  22. Beautiful collection of aqua, Courtney. Love, love, love that last kitchen photo. Yummy.

  23. Love all of these aqua photos. I did our beach cottage in aqua with blue and green and white. So soothing and restful! Love your bench and the ranunculus! Sigh!

  24. I want those teacups! Is there a web site where they can be found?