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Crushing on~ Rose Gold

I have been having a little bit of a love affair recently.

I was minding my own business when we met randomly
in the kitchen section.

I wasn't even looking for them,
but there was just something about that metallic color that caught my eye and
 drew me in for a closer look

When I picked it up, that coppery gold 
 made me just a little bit weak at the knees.

Instantly,  I imagined us together... and the beautiful opulent table settings
we could create  for the Holidays.
Paired with simple white dishes and beautiful blooms
those blushing beauties would add the perfect touch of unexpected elegance

The more I looked at them, the more I felt a connection and knew that 
we understood each other
 and we could work so beautifully together
and so... I said 

to the flatware.

It's true, I really have been big time crushing on golds and metallics lately
and for some reason, I appear to be a metallic magnet these days.  
I find those silvers and golds everywhere I go.
Remember those scissors- I fell in love with? 

Or the stapler for my desk?

Well that gorgeous gold on those pieces has a beautifully blushing cousin
Rose Gold.

Rose Gold is a metallic color that has a warm pinkish tone to it- 
it is along the lines of a coppery blush
 and oh my is it beautiful.

I love entertaining and setting a beautiful table is my favorite part 
 so I  am always on the look out for more pieces to mix and match for different looks. 
Lately,  it has been anything and everything gold that I have been looking for.
photo courtesy of Kate Spade
I first discovered this set from Kate Spade- and though it is more 
contemporary and modern than my usual taste
 I love the simple, sleek design that lets the color and finish
speak volumes. 

I became a little obsessed with that color and finish 
so when I found these simple beauties...

 well, you guessed what happened.

This set from Threshold (Target!!!)  leans a bit more coppery in person
but they look gorgeous with those moscow mules and
I am imagining several beautiful and inspired table settings 
and... can you see these for the holidays...with greenery...
I am in love.

I will be sharing a couple table setting ideas that were inspired by this flatware
and it's gorgeous color soon. 

For now
you can shop the post to quench your own rose gold obsession here: 

Happy Monday!!

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  1. I am in love to! Oh, soo beautiful!

  2. This flatware is gorgeous! I love the idea of rose gold with copper for a holiday table. Can't wait to see your table design...

  3. OK...I am off to Target!!!..I love rose gold....when Fossil first came out with the Rose Gold watches, had to get one!!!...beautiful table Courtney!!

  4. I'm so glad that you brought up rose-gold, it is one of the prettiest metals out there and is barely coming into it's own. Luv it!
    It's all LOVERLY at Anne's Attic - design
    Jo XX

  5. Happy it was just (but what a just!) silverware unless you were looking for someone to crush on :) Darling post. Thanks

  6. Love the pink tones in rose gold, Courtney. I never would have even taken a 2nd look at them in the store though, but seeing them on your table makes all the difference in the world. Beautiful!

    xoxo laurie

  7. I love the rose gold. It is so antique-y looking and has elegance. Is it able to go into a dishwasher? I would be careful with it if no info on them.

  8. I like the frenchcountry cottage,,,,especial the provence...Thenks....

  9. this rose gold is everywhere there is metal these days.
    the kitchen and jewelry

  10. Hi Courtney!

    Loving gold-colored flatware too! So pretty and versatile. Looking forward to seeing you at the Lowe's event in High Point!

    Eddie (and Jaithan)

  11. is this an American Target? i cant find them anywhere in Australia :(