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Easy Autumn Decorating~ Blue jars on the Mantel

Can we talk about non-traditional Autumn for a minute?
Like maybe adding a little bit of blue?

Such am easy color to bring in.
Something like blue glass jars
faded green hydrangeas 
paired with little white pumpkins. 
A touch of blue might just be a perfect way to welcome Autumn. 

Seriously, I was sitting in the living room
and looking at the mantel
and wanting to do something just a little different.
And since one of my favorites for Fall this year is hydrangeas
I thought about those shabby colored hydrangeas and those pretty blue jars

and thought why not.

Several blue jars marching along the mantel
filled with a few clippings of dried hydrangeas
and a couple little pumpkins here and there- and it was done. 

You could use dried flowers of any kind that you would like
I am just big time crushing on dried hydrangeas for Autumn
and I also happen to have a whole bunch of them from a couple of plants that 
bloomed beautifully this year- so you will be seeing more of them. 

So pretty and so easy to put together - and, yes, in just about 5 minutes 

Happy Monday everyone 

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  1. Your mantel turned out beautiful and romantic ;-) love the soft pastel colors....


  2. it's very beautiful! i love the idea of the blue jars, and i have plenty of those. i just need the dried hydrangeas and i won't be able to find those here, they are way past season and i didn't save any :( but i could still try something else :)

  3. So beautiful! This would also look great for a Christmas mantle. Just swap out the pumpkins for candles and maybe a little greenery.

  4. Really lovely! Your mantel styling gives off a dream-like vibe.
    Michelle from

  5. Perfect. I love hydrangeas and they work so beautifully with the white pumpkin and the blue glassware.

  6. Yay! Fall without orange and brown! I love it!

  7. Beautiful! I like blue for all seasons!


  8. The blue is so beautiful. I love the way they reflect the light. Beautiful! Jo

  9. Who's to dictate which colors are to be used? I love your mantel. Thank you for the break from "tradition". Orange, brown, yellow and red are overrated.

  10. I love this! And I just adore the combination. White pumpkins are gorgeous with the blue and the great texture from the flowers.

  11. So pretty! I just love blue mason jars and have a few. Great idea!

  12. I love the soft look of your mantle and all your decor. It gives me a sense of peace and serenity.

  13. il vetro è sempre perfetto, ovunque e le ortensie essiccate sono semplicemente perfette!

  14. Antique Blue Mason Jars are my favorite vases. Well done!

  15. HI Courntney! Well I did it, I was able to make my fireplace very similar to yours because I just love it so much! Of course yours looks much better and I still need to add something to mine, i'm not quite sure what, any ideas? anyway thank you so much for the inspiration and I am now an official copycat! :) i hope you don't mind!! {aka sandra kay on facebook} also do you have a certain way you dry your hydrangeas? xo sandy

  16. Love it!! Really, how can one go wrong with mason jars and hydrangeas?? :)