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Musical Mirrors

You know the game Musical Chairs?
The one where the music starts and you march around a circle of chairs. 
You nervously keep one hand on each chair as you walk by it to make sure that when
 the music stops, you can grab that seat before someone else.

But sometimes, someone shoves you to the side when the music stops
 and swipes your spot. 

Can I let you in on a secret? I hated that game.
I was one of those kids who wanted everyone to be in the game and 
I always felt bad for whoever it was that wouldn't get a chair and wasn't allowed to play anymore.
 I mean- it was like be a little ruthless and take your hip and knock your BFF 
 off the chair or you can't play.
Who invented that?!

Thankfully,  Musical Chairs now has a much different meaning to me.
Musical chairs is more about moving things around the house and swapping places.
 Finding inspiration in a new vignette with something that was in a different room.
And yes,  there might be chairs that are moving from spot to spot...

Or it might be mirrors.

This time, the game started with that mirror.
You know that one I shared recently that was plopped into place in the living room?
That I loved the play of the dark against the white
but that was making me a little crazy with the asymmetry?

I have been re-doing a few things in the bedroom
and one of the things that has changed was the mantel.
I had that tall French inspired mirror on the fireplace
but that moved to another spot with that striped chair

and without that mirror,  the mantel in the bedroom 
was left feeling a little less than inspiring.

So, I  decided to play with it a bit.
I wanted soft and quiet. 
Something that felt almost a little earthy mixed with elegant if that makes sense

So I brought that new mirror in here to try it.
I added a few stacks of pale texture with naked vintage books 
and a bouquet of faded stock

I love old books mixed with white dishes or silver and a touch of fresh flowers
I am pretty much in love.

Of course the sweetest little thing on the mantel
is that little dog planter.
He adds just the right touch of whimsy and charm.

So, after playing a bit, I snapped a few photos to get an idea 
of what I wanted to change (yes, that is how I work)
 and you know where this is going...
 I wasn't 100% happy with it. 
So while the mantel looks like this currently- things are starting to move again.
And not sure yet if that musical mirror will stay put or start moving again.

But this week, I am getting my DIY on.
I have a date with a few power tools
a little leopard and gold
and a handsome man who is helping me on a project.

via instagram

Always something changing over here.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. Great little spot in your bedroom! (insert jealously here). I move and rearrange all the time, I love it and I can't get enough hehe. Can't wait to see what you've done!

    LB Designs

  2. You need to quit teasing us, woman!

    Actually the snips and tidbits you "teased" us with look purdy darned extraordinnaire, mai oui!

  3. Oh, Courtney i never see too much wrong with what you do cause i love your house. So just do what you want and i will still love it. Can't wait to see what you're doing next.

  4. The mirror looks beautiful in its new spot...and I too hated musical chairs...always feeling bad for the one who was left without a chair and I was not aggressive or mean enough to knock someone out if his/hers....I would have rather been left without a chair first rather than seeing someone else left out...I know...where's the therapist!?!!...

  5. :) Musical chairs... I was always the one whose bff hipped bumped and ended up on the floor! Hated that game.
    But like you, I luv it in it's decorating point of view. There is always some musical something being moved , switched about in here. My husband used to say " glad I come home while it is still daylight. Or I'd kill myself the way you move things." He's used to it all now.
    LUV the mirror in the bedroom.

  6. What a cute post and dreamy photos

  7. That was my most hated game....!!! Moving things around makes life interesting.....and you see items in a new light. Love the mirror....

  8. Love the leopard and can't wait to see what you and Mr Handsome Man are doing with it

  9. loooove your pictures!!!!! have a nice evening, angie