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Mirror Mirror

I was browsing a bit the other day for a little something - something
to add a dash of warm sunshine to a room.

January seems to usher in a semi- starkness.
Less clutter. More quiet space.
A crisp, clean and simple background. 
And yes along with that sometimes, the blahs.

For me, after the fun of decorating for Christmas and New Years Eve,
 it always feels like winter really starts to slow down and drag on.
So I start browsing.
For ideas, for inspirations, for something to bring a burst of warmth
 to a chilly winter room.

You probably know all too well that browsing leads to other things...
like purchasing
and honestly, I didn't really intend on finding the piece I did.

But there it was. 
Rustic weathered wood. Simple lines. A detailed adornment at the top.
Though, the best part might be the crazy ridiculous price
 which was just around $50.

On top of that I had a credit to use up before it expired.
So to leave it behind at that price
well, that might be along the lines of insanity.

I already had a certain spot in mind of where I would put it but when it arrived,
 I glanced over at the living room fireplace and thought
just maybe it might fit... and decided to try it.

I love the play of the dark against the white - it was perfect...
well, except for where it wasn't perfect.

So, here's the rub.
The mirror fits on the mantel but as usual, it is just a bit too tall
to fit underneath  the beam on the ceiling.
 Surprise surprise.
 I can place it to one side of the beam- as I have shown in the photos
(which you can't really tell is totally off center other than it is not centered on the appliqué)

But you know what... I am a symmetry girl. 
Things that are not symmetrical make me a little cranky.
So how long it stays is to be determined.

For now though, since I am loving that play of dark and white
 (and the pink flowers)
I am working on embracing the asymmetrical arrangement and just enjoying it.
Between that mirror and those flowers- it is definitely brightening up this spot and
 it is inspiring a few changes in the living room as well.

This week is filled with wrapping up photos and wrapping up a couple stylings for print
I also have been playing with that new camera lens a bit and will have some thoughts on that
as well as more about the kitchen project.
If you would like to read more about collecting mirrors-
new and vintage- and what I look for -
you can find them in my Ebay post this week

To everyone in the path of the big storm- stay safe and warm!

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. ADORE your new mirror!

    Off center is done a lot lately, hope you don't get too cranky lol - I am a middle Libra child, balance I understand lol but sometimes it works just stepping out of that ole balance box now and then.

    There isn't a way to tear the mirror apart (I know: GASP, right?) and re-do it on old wooden piece the other WAY? It would fit then and be balanced too. Just a thought - old wood never goes to waste, you will find a fabulous something to do with what you don't use.

    1. I have thought about it haha... but of course, I love mirrors and artwork that are TALL rather than WIDE as well. I am basically hard to please ;) Thanks for stopping by Michele!

  2. What a lovely mirror!! Loved it!! :D

    I love symetry myself, and I'm trying to learn how to set displays around the house.. :)

  3. If you overlapped it with a painting, it could be balanced on the mantel and might be more pleasing to the eye. Or... You could just ship it to me. Lol

    1. Haha!! Yep, thought about the painting idea too. Will see what works best :)

  4. Did you try moving it more toward the sconce and placing something on the mantle to the left of the mirror? Anyway - I love the mirror.

  5. love, Love, LOVE this! yes, the dark wood against the whites is fabulous. and the price can't be beat! i get the symmetry thing too, but it's lovely no matter what.
    best- mj

  6. I get your symmetry dilemma. Same here. Bummer....

  7. I love the mirror and I know that you will have that light bulb moment and solve your the mirror is so totally thinking out of the box for!

  8. It looks sunny and beautiful!

  9. The new mirror is beautiful. I get your symmetry obsession -- I start to look cross-eyed at whatever isn't looking "right" to me. I'm looking forward to hearing your experience with your new glass.

  10. I love that mirror it's beautiful! Great find and especially that price! As much as I am a symmetry girl as well, there's something about it being off that adds interest and a little magic. The flowers are a topping on the cake and now I want to go get some fresh blooms for my space. I need some spring & sunshine!

    Thanks for sharing


  11. I love the mirror! And, actually, I like when things aren't perfectly symmetrical! They way you balanced it with everything else was quite natural and restful. Love it!
    I would have bought the mirror too...even though I don't need another mirror...
    I have a love of mirrors like that....

  12. I LOVE that mirror! Centered or slightly off it is still beautiful and when you style it with the roses - FABULOUS!!!