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A closer look~ sweet treat table in the garden

Does it always seem like the treat table at a party calls your name?

Like there you are minding your own business
and the cheesecake is staring at you and telling you that it is yours?
Or maybe it is the cupcake with all.that.frosting.
or the ripe fresh fruit to add  to your ice cream? 

Whatever type of sweet might speaks your language-
 I think it is safe to say that those tables are always popular at a party.

But something that is often overlooked when party planning is just that. 
A  dessert table.
Desserts can easily just get mixed in with other food or they are only
 brought out when it is time to enjoy them.
But when you are planning a get together 
why not create a little space for them to be highlighted?

You guys asked for a closer look at the simple dessert table styling in the garden party
and so here you go.

This dessert table set up in the garden could not have been easier.
And even better- it didn't require anything fancy -schmancy.

Just -
a console table
cake pedestals, 
and treats.

That is it.

Start with your table.
You can use a garden table, a side table, a sofa table- use your imagination.
Once you have found your table-
 find the perfect spot for it.

For me- that was tucked in the little garden area with the 
lavender and boxwood that is underneath the apple tree peeking out.
You can place your table anywhere that works- 
there are no rules.

Up next- 
bring out the cake pedestals, platters, pretty dishes, utensils -you name it

Cover your table with pretty display pieces 
and then add your delicious treats.

I like to incorporate some fresh fruit as well as something simple like croissants
along with those sweet treats for those who want to nibble on something less commitment wise on the hips.

Stack the dessert plates and utensils there as well
so that guests have everything they need to load up
and then go sit down.

A little side table for party food is something that is super simple to put together
but is always a big hit at get-togethers.
Plus- you can put out even more options for finger foods and snacks 
as well as treats  for guests to enjoy-
 the possibilities are endless.

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Happy Friday everyone

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  1. Lovely and inspirational
    as always!

  2. What a lovely idea. I'd need some coffee or tea too. :D

  3. Love your dessert table! Very cool. Went to and adult birthday party at the sharonton hotel, they had an ice cream dessert bar it was so much fun.
    Have a great day.

  4. I have a table with a similar design, but the color is all wrong. This weekend, I'm going to take some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to it and try for a finish somewhat like yours. The dessert table is gorgeous. Goodness! Now I'm craving sweets - but, I do love your idea of incorporating fresh fruit. Lovely!
    Michelle from
    P.S. I would like to invite you to pop over to my blog!

  5. Beautiful and inspiring. I specially love ALL the gorgeous dishes on it. Very romantic and inviting.


  6. Courtney, the way this table showcases the sweet treats is a sweet treat all its own. Love the idea of a dessert table. I've done just that on occasion myself. We don't have a spot within the garden to place a table, but I certainly love the look. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to add some of these images to my Pinterest Board. Thanks!

  7. Very pretty, Courtney! I have several pedestal plates and use them all the time. And I really need to take your cue and have an elegant party outdoors--you are a genius with that! :)

    Jane x

  8. Fantastyczny stół!! Cudna aranżacja:)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  9. prettiest dessert table ever! those cupcakes look amazing..............your blog is so amazing -always! have a great weekend :)

  10. Beautiful! Did you make the pedestals? If so are they vases with plates? LOVE THEM well love it all thanks for sharing

  11. Love the idea of a dessert table - will definitely be doing that at my next party! Which leads me to think about all the fabulous dessert wines to pair with them too - ah, the possibilities ~ Cheers:)

  12. These desserts look even sweeter in such a beautiful setting. Your table is gorgeous! Love it!