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$8 kitchen cupboard display

I have always loved a good open cupboard.
Vintage. New. Rustic. A ton of shelves or just a few.

Open cupboards are charming. 
Especially when they are stacked with collections like white ware 
and they become part of the decor rather than just storage.

Open shelving is one of those things that needs to be pretty as well as do a job. 
You can't have open shelves that are blah.  Or not styled.
They won't add to a room- they will just distract-
 and that is probably not the look you are going for.

So what if you have boring blah shelves and they need a little boost?
Like something simple, charming, functional and pretty 
and that is under $10 each?


You might remember those open shelves in the kitchen.
 The ones on each end of our upper cupboards?

Did you know that they were once behind closed doors?
Sounds kind of 'I don't know if that should be on the blog' right? 
Well it isn't what you think.  
They are part of those original upper cupboards- and they were behind closed doors.
And when we moved in, one of the doors was broken.
 I took it off in order to repair it - and when I did- I saw those open shelves and stopped.
And instead of fixing it 
I took off the other end cupboard door,  painted the shelves, finished the tops 
 and left them open
 You can read about it here.

And when we renovated the kitchen recently- 
I knew I wanted to change those open shelves just a bit. 

I wanted plates lined up instead of stacked. 
Love the look- so neat and organized and just plain pretty. 
Can I tell you how many times I have tried to buy those little plate rack displays off the shelves at HomeGoods?  Several. To no avail.  They were the store display pieces.

But while I zipped through the maze at Ikea-
I bumped into them for $3.99 each 
and into my wild and crazy Ikea cart they went.
Side note:
 Seriously. Have you shopped at Ikea in store? 
Not only do you get lost following the long and winding yellow brick line- 
but those carts are dangerous.
 They have wheels that roll every which way,
glide across the floor like it is an ice rink 
and they have a mind of their own as far as where they want to go
 I have seriously felt like I might need some protective gear when shopping before
It is like being in a roller derby.
Love Ikea-
 but am not a fan of those.

Back to the shelving- 
I bought 4 total of the plate rack organizers
and placed 2 of the racks together in each of the bottom cupboard areas. 
I painted them white to match.
Then I stacked them with the plates.
and voila!

So simple. 
Each shelf was under $8 (2 racks at $3.99 each) 
and was made over in about 15 minutes. 
Most of which was waiting for the paint to dry.
I love a good inexpensive project with big impact.
and love how they turned out. 
They were worth braving the Ikea cart battleground.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. Love those and cracking up about the carts. I have been hit before!

  2. I never tire of your gorgeous pictures! :D

  3. I love the look of your plates in the plate racks, Courtney. We are getting an Ikea close by sometime next year and I can't wait. Thanks for the warning about the carts!

    1. Thank you JoAnne! Enjoy- and yes- beware of the ice skating carts! :)

  4. These are exactly what I need in my kitchen too, am always on the hunt for something like this...and I've tried to buy display pieces more times than I care to admit, lol! Of course, I live in the (maybe) one state where there is no!!

    1. I hear you! They do sell some things online and ship- but also, I think you can find them at organizing stores maybe?

  5. Oh I am just a little envious of your gorgeous kitchen Courtney. It is beautiful. I love how bright it is and the open plates racks are perfect.


    1. Thank you for your compliments Janet! I am loving the plate racks too- so easy and a great change! :)

  6. The racks look great! IKEA is such a fun place to shop. My daughter sent me a text that they had a glass dome cake plate for 9.99. Have a great day.

    1. I love Ikea too- soo many great treasures to be found! Thank you for stopping by Pamela!

  7. This looks beautiful and a very good idea with these shelfs.
    Have a nice day, Monika

  8. Absolutely stunning. I love the look of an open cabinet. I am dying to go to Ikea. It's a bit of a trip for me but on the bucket list for Sept. Love, Deb

  9. Your kitchen looks wonderful, Courtney...I love the plate racks. Thank you for sharing where you found them!
    The nearest Ikea is almost four hours away...but worth the drive.
    Enjoy your day!

  10. Love everything about your kitchen. I have a question for you. What color white and what brand do you use?

  11. Ikea is truly a very unique is a bit far from me so it is always a day the racks in the cupboard...the kitchen is so beautiful...and be careful around those carts...they should come with warnings!!

  12. Can i ask about how wide your open cuphold is? I am working with a contractor on designing new kitchen cabinets and I really really like your size. :)