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Random Saturday

It is that time again for randomness and ramblings.
One of my favorite posts of the week- because it is just like having a cup of coffee and chatting about this and that with you.

1. A little bit of bling

A little bit of bling in the process of being dressed with oodles and oodles of crystals.
I might be obsessed.  Seriously.
And I will share how this gorgeous girl looks next week.

2. The bathroom edition

I think I could write an entire book about the bathroom at this point.
 It is like we have become close friends after all the hours we have spent together. 
We have been through the ups and downs of discovering uh-oh's
and how many what happened there questions and now we have bonded over grout.
But the friendship is finally moving to another level. 
One that involves admiring the bathroom as a finished room instead of a work in progress. 
And I can hardly wait.

3. Flowers and...  more flowers

After a run the other day I did it. 
I made a quick stop at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods 
and they gave me more than just organic produce. 
I found an oversized armful of pretty blooms that were on special- and so, I loaded up. 
And when I say loaded up- I mean loaded.up. 
We were squished into the front seat of the car but I didn't mind.
And you will see some of these gomphrena next week in a styling- 
they are fast favorites.

4. Flower tip

Incidentally, I was on my way to Lowe's after picking up those flowers- 
but thought I would share a quick tip for those of you who are like me and can't resist flowers when you find them.

 Carry a bucket like this one in your car ready to be filled with a bit of water to keep fresh flowers fresh longer when you are out and about.
Did you know that cut flowers will do well for no more than about 15-20 minutes out of water before they are not happy?  That bucket of water in the car makes a world of difference. 
Just drive smoothly or you might end up with flowers and water everywhere.

5. Back to school

Why is it already back to school time? 
Seriously feels like the Summer has zoomed by.
We are already thinking about gearing up for some of those early mornings and busy days coming in just a few short weeks.

 If you have a student heading off to college or their first apartment- I shared a few simple ways to decorate their school room and make it feel more like home over at Ebay.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Hi Courtney, I love your blog! I'm such a flower girl that I especially look forward to seeing the photos! May I ask where you find your crystals...especially the strings you added above? I found a couple of vintage sconces and that's just what they need! Thank you! Jana

  2. Love your idea of keeping a bucket in the car for fresh flowers, I always have to race home when I buy them and now I won't be so rushed - thanks for sharing!

  3. Can't wait to see that amazing chandelier when it's done!