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This & that- Random 5

It is that weekend post of this & that and everything else time.

Unfinished Beauty

There is something about the unrefined, in the middle of the mess type look it has.
With the sunlight streaming through curtain less windows
and the chandelier waiting to fill the room with bling
and the rug just ever so bunched up.
I am in love with that juxtaposition 'mess' right there.


As usual for the old house project course,
 yesterday, the kitchen sink backed up- which we are semi used to with old pipes.
But when I went to check the pipes to see if I could fix it- I broke one of them. 
(don't tell my husband)

Which means- today
I will be playing the all too familiar role of Plumber  in the house chronicles.
I really wish it paid better.

Senior Year

My daughter started her senior year in high school this week.
She is my baby baby. Meaning- the youngest of my three.
Not really sure what I am thinking yet
 other than
 How in the world did that happen already?
and Can I go with you to college?
(I think that is a reasonable request honestly.)

Pinks, blues & golds 

sneak peek

Office makeover wrap up AND  the reveal is down on the calendar
 before the end of the month and speaking of the office-
you can read my post about 5 simple ways to warm up your office
at HomeGoods  this week

One for the road -
Over on Ebay-
this week  I am sharing those bistro chairs I made over a few years ago
and all the details.

Coming your way next week

More about that unfinished project
Details about the bathroom
embracing late summer & more

Happy weekend everyone

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  1. Dear Courtney, I agree. The years fly by all too quickly; you turn and the kids are all grown up!
    Good luck with all of your projects. xo Catherine

  2. Lovely photos, Courtney.
    Have a great week!

  3. I'm pretty sure I just got the same desk for my study. Revealed it in a recent post. Can't wait to see your reveal to see if it's the same. Looks quite lovely in the closeup! Good luck to your baby... :-) (And to you!)

  4. Just wait till she graduates from College, and you know there is no more living at home. Oh the tears I had at that realization!
    Enjoy your senior year!

  5. Beautiful and romantic inspiration - j'adore