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Friday Favorites~ Fresh salsa

Have you seen those cars that have a push button start?
They are amazing and you just get in and sit down 
and start the car by pressing the button 
and you are on your way.

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My car has those now seeming to be semi-old fashioned (but classic) keys 
though it also has one of those fancy schmancy systems built into it
 that doesn't allow you to start the car 
unless you have a specific sensor somewhere near you.
(note: the push button start cars need it too )

It is a great concept to prevent burglary and I love love love my car- 
but when you have a key and no sensor
you aren't going anywhere. 

Normally- it is not an issue.
Bu my husband accidentally took my set of keys 
that has the sensor attached 
 with him this morning.

Can I tell you a secret?
I am kind of excited that I don't have to run around
 like a maniac doing errands today.

And since it is a long holiday weekend
and there might be a few picnics or parties on your agenda
 I thought I would re-share one of my favorite 
go-to entertaining recipes. 

Fresh Salsa

Fresh salsa is always a huge hit at parties 
but especially during summer parties and those warm early fall gatherings outdoors.
And on top of that - it is one of the easiest appetizers to prepare around.

You can make ahead or make on the spot.
And it is also super simple to pack up and take with you to the lake
the beach or even to a party to share with friends...
if you have the right car keys.

Re-sharing for this Friday Favorites-

The best salsa is fresh in my opinion~
 and it is so simple to make in just a few minutes

I don't usually prepare technical, majorly detailed recipes for entertaining.
I want to enjoy visiting with guests and relax
so simple and easy entertaining recipes are the way to go.

Plus something like chips and salsa or veggies and salsa if you prefer 
is always a hit.

Salsa is open to interpretation- more heat, less heat, chunky or finely chopped
a little corn or bean addition- etc. 
Have fun with it and make it your own.

Here is what we like to use:

Tomato- yellow, red, orange
serrano chile
fresh minced garlic
lime or lemon juice
sprinkling of sea salt (optional)

You can also add:
cut whole corn
whole black beans
chunks of fruit

 you chop, slice, dice
tomatoes, chile, garlic, onion and cilantro

Huge fresh garlic fan over here- so we add a lot of garlic is larger chunks to our salsa
But- if you are not a fresh garlic lover- leave it off or just add a small amount
and chop it small.

Mix everything together 
and finish it off with a squeeze of lemon juice 
and a sprinkle with salt if you would like.

Serve right then with lightly warmed chips
or refrigerate and let those flavors mingle a bit.

My daughter loves to cook and she has actually created a couple amazing recipes 
for fresh corn salsa that rivals Chipotle
and the easiest, most simple and most delicious guacamole. 
With just a couple fresh ingredients.

I will try to get her to reveal her secrets and share with you.

Happy Friday 
and long weekend everyone!

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1 comment

  1. I just got a car that has the same system, and I'm finding it quite irritating. Before I unlock my house door, I'm digging through my purse for the keys, instead of having them ready in my hand. Also, my husband drove the car, I dropped him off, left my purse in the car while I ran around to the driver's side, and I was locked out.
    Can't get the hang of it just yet, but I'll make some of this good-looking salsa and read the manual again!