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Random Saturday

Welcome to the first weekend of 2016
and the first bit of randomness for the New Year.

Winter Living Room with fireplace, candles and garland

#1. New Best Friend

One of my gifts under the tree this year was a brand new steam iron.
And I am so excited.  I am serious.

French Linen with gold dishes and peonies

I actually love ironing. It is very relaxing to me .
And do you know what a brand new it works and is in the house iron means? 
 No more using my hair straightener to iron napkins and ruffles.
My good iron went kaput and the replacement iron I bought was swiped by a kid of mine...
and here I was a couple weeks before Christmas needing to buy another.
But I waited and I will admit that after washing my brand new linen bedding
just before Christmas-
I used my hair straightener to smooth the ruffles on the shams.
It is not the first time I have done that- I actually tried it for the first time
when I was on the World Longest Yard Sale trip
and we needed to iron some curtains.  It worked.
 It is called -
1 part being a little cuckoo, 
1 part being resourceful 
and 1 part waiting for the iron that you knew was under the tree
 rather than buying another.

Outdoor table setting purple glasses
Yes, sharing photos of linens- 
because photos of irons just aren't that pretty. ;)

#2. NYE

I have a whole post already written about what I was doing NYE. 
And it isn't what you think.
It might involve an antique. 
Chippy paint. 
Old wood. A grand adventure.
And a winding 2 lane very small back road through a town with a population of 78
 in the California countryside. 
I am starting the New Year off with a sprinkling of vintage in the most amazing way 
and that is coming your way next week-
so stay tuned.  

#3.  New Look

I am once again shopping for a designer to give my blog a new look.
I know I have mentioned it before.
I have been planning  it for awhile now but between not finding the perfect fit for my vision and me not knowing EXACTLY what I want- it has been on the back burner.
I found the most amazing perfect fit designer recently-
but sadly, it doesn't seem like she is available currently.
So...I am looking again.
 I want a feminine, elegant, gorgeous design that is custom. And perfect. And amazing. And moi.  That is an easy to fill list right? ;) 
If you have any recommendations for blog/brand designers who specialize 
in that kind of look- please let me know!

#4. Winter Garland

I am working in the living room right now on a winter mantel styling for HomeGoods.
 I moved the tree, put away the ornaments and am left with the mantel and those mixed greens. 
They are dried right down to the peonies I added to them.

French Country Cottage living room fireplace in winter with garland and flowers

 And I love it. 
And thinking I will be leaving it up for awhile and doing a post focused on transitioning from Christmas to winter.

#5. Tanking up 

Thank you so much for all your kind words on my post yesterday.
I have long believed that you need to continue growing, learning, working towards achieving something new- even something that is small-
in order to keep thriving and feeling alive.
And this year, French Country Cottage is growing and changing 
and adding a few new things to the mix. 
So tanking up on creativity is something I definitely need to do. 

Coffee mug, gold scissors and peonies on the counter

And I am excited to share some of what I have swirling around behind the scenes hopefully soon-
and I would love to know what you would like to see more of here on my blog. 
More DIY, more entertaining, more table settings, makeovers, 
travel, family, rambling thoughts, etc. ?
What do you love to read about?
 Leave me a comment here or shoot me an email if you prefer-

That is it for the first random Saturday of 2016.
I am off to pour another cup of creativity fuel  ;) and get to work.
Hope your weekend is off to a great start everyone.

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  1. What a lovely post...thank you so much for sharing your world!

    1. Yes please Sharon, more of DIY and makeovers xxx

  2. I love your garland, I to would leave it up a pretty and romantic for Valentine's Day ;-)
    I personally love your decorating ideas and would love to see more....


  3. I'll take more of anything and your pics and ideas.
    That garland is absolutely gorgeous - wish it were in my home. Definitely keep it up for a long while:)

  4. Entertaining and table settings is what I love so much on your site, more would be great! What type of gravel is in the outdoor setting? Thank you.

  5. Yes, the garland is pretty. Especially after so much
    holiday glitter. I think it will take you right into

  6. Definitely leave that garland up. It is gorgeous!
    All done here with packing away Christmas again until next fall, but I let the snow people come out to play for January. Haven't decided what I will do with our mantel for winter. For now, I've left the greens with gold pears and pinecones I had up for the holidays. Need some inspiration. '-)
    I look forward to the upcoming posts. Thanks for sharing your creative talents. You are such an inspiration, Courtney!

  7. I always hated putting the wonderful Christmasy things and then the stark look of winter with spring still waiting to pop in. I always teased about creating an All Season Spruce for in the house. (Psst. Look at the acronym) You would be talking to your friend . . . so you are finally going to move your All Season Spruce from the Living Room to the Kitchen? How original) But instead of using the full name you would used the acronym. Oh my!! I was telling my friend about it and did we ever get the giggles because you can come up with a lot of variations. Think of the seasonal and holiday decorations you can come up with on that tree :-) I love your garland and look forward to joining you on your journey this year like I did last year.

  8. Happy New Year