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The secret to perfectly dried peonies

I will admit that I have been known 
to go a little crazy when peonies are in season.

Peonies on a floral fabric

But just a little.
Okay... more than a little.
But can you blame me?

Those full ruffly flowers
with that intoxicating scent and charm that is irresistible.
I cannot get enough of their dreamy goodness in the house.

Peonies in a container with gold glasses all around

I sing to them, dance around the room with them, take photos of them 
in the kitchen sink, on the outdoor table, on the nightstand, you name it.
Peonies speak my language big time and inspire me constantly.

Peonies on a vintage mantel

And after those pretty peony petals start to drop here and there
and even dry a bit... I can't bring myself to toss them.
So I keep them as long as I can get away with it
and dry them to be enjoyed all year long.

peonies are charming even when they are dried.

Dried peonies on a vintage mantel with gold mirror

And they are perfect for a mantel or a simple bouquet

Dried peonies on a blush blanket with ribbon

And I keep as many of them as possible to use all year long.

So, what is the big secret to perfectly dried peonies?
Well, if I tell you... you probably won't believe me.

Dried peonies on mantel

It isn't some secret formula that involves a special dark closet 
in a temperature and humidity controlled room.

It doesn't have to do with silica gel or any other type of preserving agent.
Or even tying them upside down so that their petals 
will be preserved in perfect 'fluff'

It isn't nearly as involved as you might think.
The secret is to just enjoy them.

Dried peony bouquet on blush coat on stool

Let them dry in a vase of water slowly
and enjoy them.

Peonies on mantel with gold mirror and old books

And in a couple of weeks- those pretty peonies 
 will be pretty dried peonies.

Dried peonies close up

Not all of them will dry well honestly.
Sometimes, it seems they start to turn brown before even getting halfway dried.
I find that the white ones are harder than the darker ones so something to consider.
But even with tossing a good portion of the ones that don't look as pretty
I have an arm load of peonies that look perfect.

Dried peonies in vase of water

After they are mostly dried- you can remove them from the water
and trim the stems to whatever length you would like.
You can see in the above photo that the stems are sucking up water even 
after the peonies are basically completely dried. 

I think that is part of why it works.
The water helps them dry slowly in perfect form.

Dried peonies on mantel

The only caution I would have is to make sure the leaves are not touching the water
as they will grow mold- which you definitely do not want.

So what am I going to do with all of these pretty peonies now?
I have a few ideas and will share where they are going to be enjoyed soon.

Dried peonies on mantel with gold mirror

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

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  1. My all time favorite flower! Yours are so beautiful, and I agree, they look gorgeous when dried. I just recently moved, and dug up about 13 of my peonies and transplanted them at my new place. I sure hope they survive and I get a few blooms this summer!

  2. Where were you when I had my wedding bouquet?! I didn't have it dry in water, it wilted into this sad sorry brown mess. Le sigh, I wish I could have kept it forever. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower.... I will have to try this when I get some this Spring!

  3. When I think of your posts, I almost ALWAYs picture either roses or peonies as your key element!

  4. Always enjoy your beautiful flowers! I dry hydrangeas this way as well. Thank you for sharing! Lori @vintagethruthyme

  5. I love this! Peonies are absolutely my favorite flower. I've often said they are heartbreakingly beautiful. How lovely to keep them dried. I'll have to try this. I notice you have peonies all year long. Not sure I can find them here in the Northeast in the winter, but then again, I managed to get hyacinths last week, so who knows? You have such a knack for displaying flowers. They seem to dance in your photos, having the most graceful drape. Thanks for such an enjoyable post... :-)

  6. My favorite flower all year long. Thanks for the easy and beautiful tip.

  7. Thank you for the great tip -- perhaps I'll get back home before all of my peonies are gone. I love flowers and you've inspired me to purchase flowers weekly for wherever we are staying. Makes such a difference.

  8. I love these flowers as well but how do you keep the ants/bugs off so its safe to bring them indoors?

  9. They're beautiful flowers, and you've inspired me to go and find some.

  10. Oh Peonies! They are so lovely and I HAD NO CLUE THAT THEY COULD BE DRIED!!!!!!!!!! Where have i been? I dry everything!! Courtney, you have certainly made my day.

  11. I do love peonies!!!! I'm so glad to know I can dry them!

  12. that's the way to dry hydrangeas also- my sweet neighbor taught me that!

  13. As a Minnesota resident, summer is way too short. I drive around my small town and see the plethora of peonies lying on the ground unused unappreciated. NO MORE! I will knock on doors if necessary to help preserve these precious gems. There should be nothing but beautiful in the world when you look at this lovely blossom. Thanks!

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