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Entertaining: A fresh inviting look on the patio

Have I mentioned that I am a huge fan of outdoor living? 

As in... starting the day with coffee on the patio 
and relaxing by the fire in the rock fireplace at night during summer?

Outdoors is where most everything takes place from spring through fall
Conversations and laughter
an occasional round of Disney karaoke 
and water balloon fights of epic proportions when the boys are home.

For our family, our outdoor areas are truly a part of our home 
and are definitely part of where we  'live' much of the year.

But can I let you in on a secret?
The covered area with the fireplace  and large chairs? 
Well they were getting a little worse for the wear and we are more straight chair kind of sitting folks because of an old back injury so we were always adding another pillow behind us to get comfortable.
(the sawdust from the recent project also did not add to the charm of the patio)

So when I had the opportunity to partner with Joss & Main 
to give my patio a much needed softer style, comfortable refresh with some of their pretty pieces
(which are tagged in a couple photos below)
I was pretty thrilled to join in.

And so was Sweet Pea.
I did some planning and dreamed up what I wanted the spaces to look like.

Easy to care for 
and big on charm.

And we refreshed, planted plants and set up.
And I took a hundred photos
and then took 27 more... 
so just sharing a few today.

The first space is the covered patio-
 where the fireplace is.

 I am in love with how soft and feminine it feels
with pretty blush pillows mingling with whitewashed wicker.

I started with these charming wicker chairs from Joss & Main-
and created a seating area around that old vintage table 
I had out here previously.

Loving how well the weathered wood and whitewashed wicker mingle
with the galvanized roof and rock fireplace.
The chairs are definitely on the dainty side-perfect size for a dining chair as well
but I can use them with a soft pillow
on the back and after squishing them in a bit- they work great for next to the fire.

I wanted blush and black- and so chose several pillows to mingle with the wicker.
These chairs are on the dainty side-
 which makes them perfect for using for a seating group such as this one 
and also for the dining table- which is a look I love as well.
(and you will be seeing more of that soon)

These planters were perfect for those outrageously big and beautiful hydrangeas.
These are all weather & self watering which = easy care. 
Win- win.

Over on the other patio where the lion fountain is (and Sweet Pea who loves to follow)
I kept it simple and sweet with two pretty benches.

This patio will be getting a bit more love in a separate post- because some of the plants we just planted and mulched with leaves are not all the way in and it is just isn't totally wrapped up yet.
But for now- can we just talk about these benches?
I about fell over when I saw them. 
Love, love, love the detailed arms.

And I love the classic feeling they bring to this patio which
is one of those moss growing in between the pavers casual type patios.
 It is surrounded by a rock wall planter area
and a rose and jasmine wall where the lattice is.

It is a great spot to sit in late afternoon for a bit.

I will be sharing in much more detail soon of course- and
I am also joining 10 of my blog friends for a fun tour with Joss & Main-
which is also featured at Country Living.

with one of us sharing each day. Yesterday, Ella Claire Inspired shared and oh my gosh- how gorgeous it is!!  You won't want to miss it-

And tomorrow- don't miss Love Grows Wild
I am off to go grab a cup of coffee and relax for a few minutes before getting back to work.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Your patio looks amazing. Love the new chairs and the pretty colors.

  2. Looks amazing Courtney! I love the promise of all things in the yard and garden this time of year! Laura {Not a Trophy Wife}

  3. I'm head over heels in love with it! I love the benches from Joss and Main...adding that to my outdoor wish list. I hope you find plenty of time to kick back and enjoy it this week.

  4. What an amazing space to relax and enjoy the outdoors! Your choices are beautiful! Have a great day!

  5. Gorgeous space!

  6. Your outdoor rooms are gorgeous and serene. I'm sure Sweet Pea is loving the Joss and Main furniture, perfect for your style:)
    Have a beautiful day, Kathleen in Az

  7. So, so pretty Courtney!! I love everything about your cozy patio! Those benches are so pretty! You did such a great job. I love it all!

  8. So pretty... Are the benches teak? They will wear a beautiful gray!! It's all stunning!

  9. So gorgeous, Courtney. I want to sip wine by your outdoor fireplace.

  10. I am in love! I have always admired your amazing rock fireplace, but the new wicker chairs look just wonderful with it and the coffee table, making the patio even prettier than before (if that's possible!) It must be a magical place to sit at night!


  11. Gorgeous. Outdoor rooms are definitely the place to be all spring and summer.

  12. This is gorgeous! I love those benches and wicker chairs!

  13. Your patio is gorgeous! That fireplace is incredible and I love the chairs. It doesn't hurt to have a darling doggie as an accessory either! So pretty!

  14. I have total patio envy right now. I wish SO much we could cover ours and have more time out there! This is just gorgeous!!!

  15. What a beautiful space!

  16. Hi Courtney,

    Can I ask you what the official name of your whitewashed wicker chairs is called? I've looked on Joss and Main and can't find them. Thank you!

    Chair in love,
    Barb 💕😎

  17. It looks beautiful and very cozy!

  18. Hi Courtney, love your patio it's beautiful. The white roses in the jar on your patio coffee table did you grow them? I'm in love with them. Do you by any chance know what kind of roses they are?