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How to add elegant charm to your home with blush

Do you know what one of my favorite things about dance class 
was when I was little?

blush and gold table lamp in bedroom with flowers

Those pretty little leotards, skirts, tights and ballet slippers.
I loved taking dance- but I loved the little outfits too.
The ones that made me feel like I was a grown up most beautiful ballerina dancing across the stage
with pretty pointe shoes and a wispy skirt with perfect grace.

I loved those outfits so much that you would think I maybe had an obsession with fashion
 when I was growing up... 
but I didn't. 

I was more interested in building things and sitting outdoors under that big tree in the backyard
 or riding my bike up and down the street. 
Fashion would have slowed my groove down too much back then.
 I played soccer and was on the swim team and climbed trees with my brother. 
And  I took a lot of dance classes. 
And in between tap and jazz dance class- there was ballet.  
Which meant new ballet slippers. 

bedroom window blush and gold lamp with flowers

When I was a little girl, picking out those pretty new ballet slippers
 was one of my favorite things to do when starting dance. 
Because- that nude color. 
 Those tiny little bows and satin ribbons 
They were speaking my language even if it was hidden behind all those skinned knees from climbing trees and building forts.  

As I grew up, I moved away from wanting all things blush in my wardrobe - but I have always incorporated a little bit of it somewhere. 
 Maybe it is wrapped up in the blooms in a floral print. 
Or a nude colored shirt and heels with jeans.  

It definitely isn't a top to bottom or go home look- it is a sprinkling.
And in my home- it is no different. 

blush throw on wicker chair on patio

But blush can be hard to incorporate while keeping a room from feeling too 'sweet', right?
I hear you.  Today I thought I would share 3 ways I have been blushing for blush in my home recently that work quietly without sending my husband running right out of 'that girlie girl room'

ruffled linen sheets on blush colored quilt

1. Linens

I have been known to change things quite often bedding wise- it is simply one of the easiest ways to get a new look in a room without a huge commitment. 
And one of my favorite looks are florals and linens with ruffles 
and all that yummy goodness. 

flower blush bedding on bed with flowers on nightstand

I already brought in a pretty blush pink floral for spring and summer and while shopping the other day, bumped into a most perfectly barely blushing quilt for the foot of the bed. 
Adding those sprinklings of pink- 
and in that soft color keeps the bed from feeling overwhelmingly '5 year old' bedroom- 
and says ' grown up elegance'  instead.

close up of blush quilt details on bed

2. Barely there wall color

I know- painting a wall is a huge commitment. 
Not from the standpoint of that it is easy to change if you want to- 
but from the time consuming standpoint. 
Depending on your room size and what you are painting over, it can be an afternoon job
 or a week long job.  
french style office with blush walls and gray desk
But if you want a little more oomph in your room-
 using color on the wall is a perfect idea.
Blush is basically a white- with an undertone or tint of pink to it. 
 And on the walls- a paint with a pink hue is warm and makes you feel like the sun is shining
 in all day long.  
Remember that some blush pinks are cool- and some are more warm- so you definitely want to choose the best one for your taste and space. 
french style office with blush walls and gray desk with gold

My favorites are the ones that lean a little more peach in undertone
 so more nude than blue, more peach than pink if that makes sense. 
You can see more about which color I used in my office HERE 

peony on nightstand with blush lamp

3. Light the way

When I saw this lamp... 
I fell hard.

blush lamp with flowers on french nightstand

Gorgeous blush pink enamel with gold details. 
A parchment shade in the same color that is lined in gold that absolutely glows when the light is on.  
It was a complete and total crush pretty much instantly.

french chair in front of nightstand with flowers and lamp

I have one on each side of the bed and while they bring in that pretty in pink tone- 
they don't overwhelm.  Find them HERE. 

Of course, maybe you want to bring blush into your home in a bigger way- and that is all good too. 
However you bring blush in- it definitely adds a sprinkling of warmth and romantic charm.

And after talking about all things ballet
I am definitely feeling like I need a new pair of ballet slippers...
They might make that dance while mopping floors that much more fun.

A few housekeeping things coming your way this weekend- 
and next week- 
a peek at the completely new look in our bedroom- 
along with a table setting that is perfect for summer 
and a few ideas for outdoor entertaining. 

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Be still my heart . . . I'm blushing! And running to the store to find a couple of new items to add to my decor!

  2. Such beautiful photos. Perfect balance of blush.

  3. Oh I loved this blog. It is informative and good advice for people like me who love pink and would do everything in pink. I like to go overboard for sure, but I am trying to find a balance of interweaving pink tones into my canvas of old white. Excellent read for sure.

    1. Thanks so much Vanessa! It is one of those colors that you just want to surround yourself with so it is easy to bring on a little too much- but white and pink is perfection I think. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I am in love with this post and these colors...My bedroom will be so dreamy...

  5. You do blush to perfection. Love it all.

  6. Your photos are just so pretty. Love the soft colors.They are all my favorite colors. Thanks for talking about blush, as I have seen in a blanket or throw and was worried it might look a little to much like a little girls room , but the way you added it and talked about it it made sense and it does not look childish. Thanks . Love your new look on the site it so awesome.

    1. Thank you Pamela! I think you can definitely bring it in in a sprinkle and keep it elegant. And thank you for your compliment on the new blog look- I am excited! :)

  7. L.O.V.E. BLUSH, But have never "bumped in to the perfect blush quilt", and I've been on a lengthy search! Love those lamps too. The perfect touch, as always Courtney.

  8. I love that word to describe such a pretty colour. All so pretty

  9. I remember the first time I heard the use of "blush" as a color -- it was in Steel Magnolias. Ever since then I love the name and the color. I'm like you I love the tinge of peach in it rather then the pinky pinky ( I call it piggy pink). I can feel the urge to incorporate more of a light nude color in our rooms or is that a blush coming on???

  10. I just found your blog. Everything is so beautiful. very informative and inspiring. I for one can't wait to see what you have next.

  11. I love the floral bedding so much!!! Can you tell me the maker or give me more information on it?

  12. I am in love with blush... guess that's why I like the little girl ballet leotards so much even though I never took dance. Sigh. Happy 4th,

  13. I love, Love your sheets, where did you get them? I have been looking for them for some time.
    Thanks Penny