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How to keep fresh hydrangeas fresh and dry them perfectly

Do you know what the secret is to keeping fresh cut hydrangeas fresh longer 
and then getting them to dry perfectly?

Sometimes there is a bit of luck involved with the right temperature and humidity 
but there are also a few tricks and tips that can help.

Hydrangeas are one of those flowers that look gorgeous when they are fresh and blooming
and that also look gorgeous when they are dried.
But do you know how many fresh cut hydrangeas brought home and then 
 wilted before learning  how to keep them looking good longer? 
A. Lot. of them.

And they don't dry pretty when they are wilted. 
Because if they don't look perky and pretty while fresh,
they won't look pretty when dried either.

So for todays Friday Favorites- with so many hydrangea blooms popping up in the flower department and in the yard- I am talking hydrangeas and
 sharing two tips for keeping hydrangeas blooming longer
and for drying them.
I have shared these before- but I get so many questions about flowers ;)
I figure why not share again for those of you who have missed them the first time around.

And they are so simple.
It starts with lots of fresh water
and something from the spice cabinet.

#1. Cut the stem and dip in Alum

In order to have beautiful full dried hydrangeas with that perfect soft color-
you need them to look good while they are in the vase on the counter.
And hey, who wouldn't love fresh hydrangeas that last. and last. and last.
and are enjoyed for weeks instead of 1 day?

I tried several tips and tricks I found by googling to see what worked for hydrangeas
and found one that knocked my socks off.
I have tried it numerous times- and it hasn't let me down. 
And I talked all about it and how to use it 
in my post about a simple $5 fix HERE 

So now you are enjoying those hydrangeas longer
and notice that they are starting to dry a bit.
Should you take them out and hang them upside down in a dark closet?
You can- I have done that.

I used to always take my hydrangeas out of the water and hang them upside to dry.
Along with roses, herbs, anything really.

It is a pretty display at the same time- and it does work to keep those blooms standing tall
so to speak and looking good when they are dried.

But there was that time I went on vacation, left the vase of blooms on the table
and came back to perfectly dried standing up hydrangeas.
That were perfectly preserved and standing in just a few inches of water.

#2.  Leave them in the vase and let them dry naturally

Sometimes the best way to dry flowers is to let them slowly
dry while in a bit of water. 
I think the reasoning behind it is that 
the water continues to keep their petals soft and vibrant while they dry
and drying takes longer which allows them to be preserved that way- 
rather than wilting and turning brown.

I also talked about this working for perfectly drying peonies 
and with roses.

Basically, fresh blooms are a beautiful addition to your home
and after they are done blooming-
 why not keep some of them pretty and preserved to use
all year long?

I will be sharing a few photos of my vintage cupboard all styled for summer 
with these hydrangeas next week.

Happy Friday

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  1. Yesterday I visited Victoria, Canada and was OVERWHELMED by the hundreds and hundreds of spectacular hydrangea blooms everywhere. They were amazing. I love dry hydrangeas, too, so I appreciate your advice.
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  2. DANKE für den guten TIP,,,
    ich liebe HORTENSIEN,,,,,

    ich wünsche noch einen schönen ABEND
    bis bald die BIRGIT aus TIROL

  3. I read this method in Southern Living Magazine and it has worked well in keeping hydrangeas fresh for several days though it sounds impossible.
    Run very warm tap water in a bucket and take into your garden. Cut stems and place in water. Leave for thirty minutes then arrange as desired in cool or room temp water. The hot soaking water keeps sap from closing the veins of the blossoms so that they continue to drink water.

  4. That is a great tip! I have had such bad luck (and wasted so much money!) on hydrangea's that wilt almost as soon as I get them home. I am definitely putting alum on my grocey list. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for the information...I love hydrangeas!

  6. Hydrangeas are super popular in southern New Zealand. I've been cutting and saving for several,years and customer's ask how to preserve them. Alum is suggested however I was advised, by a local grower, (who exported to the US), wait till the inner of each flower opens and shows its stamen and the leaves of each feel papery then cut the stem on the brown older wood NOT the green wood.

  7. Leaving them in the vase with water and allowing them to dry slowly is exactly what I did and their color was gorgeous all winter!

  8. I used your tip last year and it worked perfectly. After years of frustration trying to dry last. And so easy! Thanks again.