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Friday Favorites A warehouse filled with pretty inspiration

Vintage brassy golds,
subtle oatmeal linens
and chippy well worn patina 
kind of makes me weak in the knees

And mix in a few bits of vintage florentine?
Especially next to a vintage chaise
that is covered in creamy linen and gorgeous carved details.

I spent a day last week immersed in 10,000 square feet of all this gorgeousness
 in Los Angeles at The Bella Cottage.

I have been a huge fan of The Bella Cottage for years
and met up with Michelle recently while at the Winter Las Vegas Market. 
We chatted about exciting possibilities and ideas and on Monday
 we connected at her warehouse in LA 
for a little fun styling and photography time.

I shared a few sneak peeks of some of what I worked on while there on FB and instagram 
recently- and with so many requests for more- 
I thought I would share a few 'behind the scenes' photos of what I was working on.
We started with flowers.
Of course.

And then played with moving furniture to create 'rooms' within the warehouse.
The Bella Cottage family simply rocks. 
They were all the sweetest, most kind and FUN to work with
and the guys were great to put up with my many requests to move big pieces from here to there... 
and back over to there again.

The warehouse is huge
with a ton of amazing pieces. 
And as I wandered around, I just started grabbing things to work with.

This chair. That door. The pottery and umbrella stand... I love it all.
Okay, I was in love with pretty much every piece she had. 

But seriously.
Can we talk about these mirrors? 

I loved their one of a kind treasures- 
like that gorgeous sofa and chaise
especially mixed with the brand new pieces-
 like this chest of drawers and HUGE reproduction mirror.
It created a completely collected and charming look.

And of course, 
every single piece of florentine got me every.time. 
(and she has a ton of florentine available if you are looking for any) 

From custom made farmhouse tables

to towering chippy detailed vintage doors
to pretty cane back chairs
and cage lights.

I definitely fell in love with so many pretty things.

With so many things that inspired at the Bella Cottage- 
they are definitely on my Friday Favorites list- 
and you can find more about The Bella Cottage on their website.

And yes, you know I couldn't resist and brought a few things home to work with 
for a new look
and I will be sharing soon.

Happy weekend everyone

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  1. What a fun experience. With your eye for style and staging, I know this warehouse looks amazing set up with gorgeous vignettes.

  2. Love all the photos, everything looks awesome.

  3. Those mirrors defy description...
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  4. Thud! Love.every.single.piece. Beautifully styled as well. So inspired by this post... :-)