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7 simple easy tips for styling a beautiful autumn cupboard & a video

Do you remember that vintage cupboard that I found last year?

The one that has creamy paint and vintage details and was the perfect size for that spot in the kitchen? The one that said
'You need me' 
that I answered with
  'Yes. Yes, I do.'

It is one of those pieces that is hugely charming all by itself-
with not one single thing on the shelves.
But add a few pieces and it takes on a whole new personality. 
Things like white dishes, 
a collection of pitchers or tureens
 and a few little baby pumpkins.

You might remember me sharing a few photos of this cupboard in my early Autumn Home tour .
And today, I am sharing a closer look and a few tips on how to style a cupboard for autumn.
And this is the first of several posts on this same topic.
This cupboard is creamy white and vintage- and I also have that tall dark and handsome buffet deux corps in the living room to share- and they both have different ways to going about styling them since they are so different.

Let's start at the beginning... {a very good place to start.} 
Simple whites and bread boards and that was about it.
But that was exactly perfect.

#1. The Background

Easy to overlook- but definitely a missed opportunity if you do-
the background.

That sweet little beaded board wall provides a huge amount of opportunity to
lean platters and large plates and cutting boards against it. 
Not only does it help house that ever growing collection- 
they add height and bring the background 'closer in' to fill in some of that space and warm it up.

 #2.  Stack them up

The first thing I do when styling dishes in a cupboard 
is to start stacking.

Plates, bowls, plates and bowls, cutting boards, you name it.
Since most of us have a lot of pieces that are extra
like bowls and plates- stacking them in an open cupboard is an easy
way to create a charming display.

#3. Large and Small

You created a backdrop,
started stacking and now it is time to fill in those shelf areas with large and small pieces.
Things like chunky tureens - a dime a dozen at the thrift store
chunky serving bowls and pitchers are all perfect for filling in those shelf areas.

#4. Bring in a pop of color

Or in this case, something copper.

Bringing in something with a little bit of color whether it is warm and bold like copper
or simple and soft like sage is a great way to make the cupboard feel more 'homey' if you will.

Copper is of course, always a huge fan of mine for autumn- and I have several pieces that I love to play with and use.

#5. And Repeat

Bringing more than just one or two pieces of your 'pop' choice is key.
When styling shelves- there should be some semblance of things working together
 to keep your eye moving.
I brought in several pieces of copper and played with them on the shelves
 until it was pleasing to my eye.

#6. Keep it Fresh

I am a huge fan of fresh flowers, fruits and veggies and fresh herbs.
Herbs are simple and easy to grow indoors- and by planting them in something like a tureen 
you can also tuck those herbs into your display and have them do double duty.

Another favorite for cupboards? Something like a simple succulent.
They don't need a lot of water- which means if you forget about them for awhile
they will love you even so.

#7. Add Seasonal Touches

For autumn (styled in August) I brought in just a couple of pumpkins
 (because there were none available yet)
a few mixed nuts because, I love their texture and chunky charm

small dried herb wreaths and an enameled bucket full of dried hydrangeas.

Annnnd for fun...
a simple flip video I made for instagram that shows the whole process
and how things move and you play with them.

I am working on a few things for the next couple of weeks
including Halloween - which I don't normally do much of
and more autumn.
Along with something on the personal side
and something exciting to share.
Thank you so much for taking the time to pop over and read my blog
and say hello.  It is so much appreciated and I am so grateful to be on your reading list.

Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start everyone.

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  1. That wreath makes me think of rosemary, of which I have plenty. In fact, it is threatening to take over the yard. I really ought to cut it back and make a wreath, which would (1) halt the Invasion of the Rosemary, (2) be pretty and (3) smell great.
    Inspiration is why I come here. Thanks!

  2. I remembered the post when you bought the hutch, I love it, full of patina and what stories it can tell. The way you mix the dishes with seasonal decor is perfect, just beautiful!
    I have an open dark green hutch and thank you for more ideas for it:).
    Kathleen in Az

  3. Really enjoy reading your blog and admire your ability to post interesting topics so frequently. Thank you!!

  4. I love the cupboard. It is just darling. I love copper in autumn too. It is styled perfectly as usual.

  5. The cupboard is very cute and I like the video that is shows what you started with and the finished view.

  6. The cupboard is beautiful on its and a d all your beautiful accessories just brings it to life! Thanks for the inspiration- I’m thinking of ways to chane around my cupboard now. I’m especially loving the enameled bucket. Have a wonderful day!