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Early autumn home tour with HomeGoods

The days are warm, the nights are chilly and the leaves are just starting to think about
turning to those pretty fall colors.
And it is only the beginning of September.

Which means that fall is appearing all around the house as well.
And today, I have something you won't want to miss.
An early autumn home tour- and a $100 HomeGoods gift card giveaway. 
Let's get started.

September in California means warm summer days that linger into October
and a little bit of crispness starting to appear in the evenings.
And with that comes harvest time...
Fruit like pears and apples are filling buckets
and fingers crossed, 
 pretty pumpkins to place on your porch and enjoy are popping up everywhere.
But.. if you forgot to plant pumpkins...well... 
it might mean a couple more weeks.
Either way,
today, I am sharing a peek at the early fall decor that is starting to appear around the house
pumpkins or not...
and I am so.excited to be joining HomeGoods today
along with an amazing line up of bloggers.
So, I will keep the talking to a minimum

#1. I have a ton of photos to share.
#2. I took more than 100 
#3. But breathe a sigh of relief- 
I narrowed it down to just 22.
#4. Okay...25 ...maybe 26.

 I will be sharing a closer look at each area in the next couple of weeks
and how rooms evolve as they always do.
If you are popping over from Four Generations One Roof- 

Let's start in the kitchen...

Wedges of cheese on marble and wood cutting boards
and a bouquet of hydrangeas- and I am good. 
I don't do a ton of decorating for autumn in the kitchen- but I do love to entertain.
More on that coming soon...

And these little cheese markers?
 I am in love.

The kitchen cupboard got a sprinkling of autumn 
with white dishes and copper.

You might notice just a wee bit of copper in my fall decor this season.
Just. A. tiny bit....

I have to say- I am obsessed.
And... I am okay with it.

In the dining room-
 I used a wood dough bowl filled with dried hydrangeas on the table 

Simple and sweet.

In the living room- 
another crush this season...

And blush.
And gold.
And gold grapevine pumpkins and pumpkins made out of leaves.
Yes, I am serious....

These gorgeous velvet pillows were talking to me.

Another fall favorite- thistle. 
You saw it yesterday in the kitchen as well-  I loaded up at the flower market.

On the mantel- 
blush and gold in abundance.

I love natural autumn decor- so simple eucalyptus 
with dried roses mingling with little grapevine pumpkins are perfection.

In the bedroom- just a peek at the mantel that is all dried now.

But it is the only area that has a little fall sprinkling yet. 

no pumpkins in the bathroom...
 but I have to show you one of my favorite indulgences

In fall and winter- those chilly temps mean soaking in the tub time.
and one of my favorite aisles to shop at HomeGoods is the soap and 
treat yourself aisle.
aka- candles and bath salts

A quick stop in my office- 
teal, wheat, grey

Blush, gray, faded book pages and just a touch of teal 

and gold.

I am not a huge fan of bold colors- 
but those pretty glasses talked to me and so I styled the mantel 
around a couple of them.

Outdoors, and yes, more copper. 
Did I mention I am obsessed?

Copper mugs, 

copper wine glasses 
and even a copper table

Pumpkins are scarce over here yet

but we did score a few just starting to be ripe ones from a pumpkin patch over the weekend
and I am loving them.

The pea gravel patio and a quick peek at the table setting

Again.. did I mention that I was obsessed with copper?
Because... yeah... whatever. It is known now.
This table setting was SO much fun to style and shoot 
and I can hardly wait to share more with you

And finally, the hammock...
a little bit of refuge from a busy day- which is where I need to be right about now.
And if you are here reading this even now- 
big high fives for reading that long.

Hammocks pretty much speak to me...
especially when piled high with chunky knits, ruffled blankets and 
slightly decadent but oh so comfy pillows- 

the hammock is the spot to be 
in the late afternoon.

and going into evening works too.
I hope you enjoyed a peek at our home dressed for autumn with HomeGoods
and in case you are wondering,
here are all the HomeGoods items


Living room:
twig pumpkins and squash

Bedroom Mantel




Outdoor table setting:


And don't forget to visit my friends who are joining in as well!
And enter at their blogs too.

Next stop is the always gorgeous
 House of Silver Lining
and don't forget to visit all the houses on the tour

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

This blog post was sponsored by HomeGoods
and I am a Design Happy blogger
but all opinions and designs are my own.

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  1. Stunning ... another "magazine worthy," inviting Fall home tour! You have such a gift!

  2. Simply lovely as always my friend! The mantel is especially romantic and gorgeous! It puts me on the search to find eucalyptus here in Virginia!

    1. Thank you sweet friend! I am definitely one who leans romantic for autumn. ;) xo

  3. Looks amazing Courtney! I think I need a hammock in my yard! :) Thanks so much for joining us in the tour, your home is beautiful as always!

  4. I love it all . . . and I, too, am obsessed with copper!

  5. Courtney,

    I was all frantic this morning....running around. And then? Then I stopped by your home tour and took a moment to soak in fall.

    You made my morning.

    Love your photography, your eye, your decorating, your copper....but most of all....your heart!

    Happy day!

    1. Thank you so much KariAnne- you are always so sweet. Happy to be joining you on this tour! xo

  6. The way you style each season just takes my breath away, Courtney. It's simple, elegant, rustic, and so very cozy! I adore the mix of soft colors with that copper! Just awesome as usual, girl! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  7. Courtney, your home is absolutely breathtaking!! I can't get enough of all the beauty in every single photo and that hammock in your yard is divine. Such a beautiful home you have and so fun being a part of this tour with you! ps. I tried to leave a comment earlier, then my internet went down so not sure if it went you may be getting double dose of commenting from!

    1. Thank you Shauna! I am in love with your beautiful home dressed for autumn as well! So pretty! xo

  8. Oh I love how you used the eucalyptus! That is so beautiful!

  9. What an absolutely beautiful home! I am in love with the mantel in the bedroom! I followed on FB and Insta! Starla Bates / _ifancythat /

  10. Love the copper accents. Very unique.

  11. Thanks for inspiring me each day with your blog. I miss blogging daily. I must get back into it. Lovely giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you Lori!! It was a big project for sure- but we definitely enjoy it.

  13. Courtney, so gorgeous...every vignette is perfection! The hammock is calling my name! Pam @ Everyday Living

  14. I just found my new obsession...your blog! You're decorating is beautifully elegant. Love, Love, Love the way you decorate!

    1. So sweet of you- thank you so much Stephanie! Thank you for stopping by!

  15. Love all your beautiful ideas ! Totally inspires me! I cannot wait for the pumpkins to come out!! Thank you!

    1. I am waiting too! Though my husband found the first of the baby boo's at the market yesterday- they are coming!!

  16. Courtney, everything is done to perfection as you normally do. All so pretty and thanks for a chance to win from HomeGoods. My favorite place..Happy Thursday..Judy

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    Your home is gorgeous..especially you romantic and your fireplace outdoor room.
    You are very blessed!
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  20. Loved each and every image here!.... i so especially love how you use such beautiful flowers and greenery both live and dried. HomeGoods is such a happy place to gather things for your home for every season and every day for that matter!

    1. Thanks so much Shirley!! I hope your hand is healing well!! xo

  21. Lovely!!! So glad I found your blog because I am loving your choices:). That copper is to die for!!!

    1. Thank you Michelle!! I am loving the copper so much right now too.

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