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Friday Favorites - Blush wine glasses & drippy wax candles

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning 
and listened to the rain drops as they started falling.

And a couple hours later,
 it is now a full fledged pouring rain kind of rainy day over here. 
There is a fire in the fireplace and another cup of coffee on the agenda and I am thinking about all the things I have on the to-do list today.
And I have to be honest... 
I am contemplating staying in my p.j.s 

But one thing  I won't be doing... 
is setting up out on the pea gravel patio to re-shoot that table I started styling  last week.
You see, that table styling didn't quite go as planned.

It began as any other table setting for autumn. 
Plates and flatware, pretty stemware and a centerpiece garland of fresh greens
 dotted with pumpkins and those favorite vintage brass candlesticks.
It was up on the pea gravel patio where the lighting was near perfect
as it peeked through the lush trees in the backdrop.

And as the sun started dropping-  I set up the camera, lit the candles 
and started to take a few test photos.

I snapped away making adjustments as needed for lighting, etc.
 and then a breeze started kicking up. 
And the flames on the candles were going a little crazy
 and when I moved positions and set up from a different angle...
I noticed something.

Those no drip wax candles were- well, they were 

Just a bit at first- but the more I worked,
the more they dripped.

To be honest, I love the look of slightly wonky drippy candles 
so I just kept snapping photos- 
of the plates and those pretty blush wine stems edged in gold.

Until I noticed that those candles were almost completely gone.

And dripping all over the candlesticks,
 seeded eucalyptus and yes, even the table.

So,  you can probably guess that I didn't get that photo shoot wrapped up.
The sun dropped below the tree line, those candles dripped
and by the time I grabbed new ones, 
it was just getting a little too dark.
So instead - I simply had fun shooting close ups. 
Honestly, something simple like wax dripping off a candlestick can be 
just as inspiring and pretty to me- so it was all good.
There will be a version #2  after the rain is done- so stay tuned-
and so many of you have asked about those blush wine stems again-
You can find them HERE  {affiliate}
and yes, they are as gorgeous in person as they look like they would be.
They are hand wash only and are all mouth blown glass- so not completely cookie cutter uniform - but that fits my design style just perfectly.

And back to pajama day... in case you are wondering...
 the pj game is going strong.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. That candle wax is accidental art. Even if it wasn't what you had planned.

    1. I agree- it is so pretty. I have saved the candlesticks that have the wax on them just as they are.

  2. Beautiful tablescape - drippy candles and all. The glasses are gorgeous.

  3. The delicate wine glasses are beautiful, perfect for your styling. I'm happy to hear you have rain, much needed in the northwest, wish it'll come further south. You have the perfect property for your outdoor photography. Kathleen in Az

    1. Thank you so much! I am in love with those glasses - and our property definitely lends itself to outdoor photography.

  4. Hi there Courtney. Sweetie what a Beautiful accident. Truly Beautiful. Everything looks Perfect. MJ

  5. I'm more interested in the candles! What's the source? Love 'em.

    1. The white ones are from either the dollar store or HomeGoods and the blush are vintage from the thrift store.

  6. Those photos are perfection, drippy candles and all. I too fell hard for those blush wine glasses. Take care of the gold rims. If you find an imperfection, they are very gracious with returns and reorders. Now, about that mirror you keep teasing me with...........have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your rainy PJ day!
    X0 Ginger

  7. I still think the table is so beautiful even with the beyond drippy candles!! Have a great weekend!

  8. How do you DO all that you do? Love it!
    Come see me.