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Nature inspired autumn table

I played with a pile of colorful autumn leaves the other day.

No, I didn't jump into a freshly raked mound of them.
And I didn't kick them into the air or dance at the sound of them crunching underfoot...
But I did gather them up and sprinkle them here and there.
and style a table full of rich autumn colors and charm.

Those rich warm tones were talking to me. 
And I knew just what they were saying.

They were encouraging me to embrace all that color
and gather up those leaves on the lawn 
and use their beauty for a special Thanksgiving table.

Warm blazing red and yellows

with a sprinkling of romance

 and all the ambiance of the outdoors.

I know...
 I am obsessed with setting tables.
And even more obsessed with setting tables outdoors under the stars...
and I have several more coming your way in the next few weeks.
I will say it again.
I am obsessed...and can't help it.

Seriously though,
this setting was so easy to put together- and it is perfect for Thanksgiving outdoors-
 or indoors even if you are a bit of a wild one.

Start with colorful leaves- you can gather them up from your yard or walks in the woods
or buy those bags of them that they sell at craft stores for cleaner leaves.

And simply sprinkle them 
down the center of your table to create a 'leaf garland'

Add pomegranate, a few nuts and a sprinkling of cranberries.

Maybe a few brass candlesticks with swirly candles

and a little gold mercury glass container full of blushing beauties
because... Peonies.

Then add your favorite dishes, blush stemware
and rose gold flatware.
I found that the rose gold and blush tones worked perfectly with the reds in the leaves.

I also added a little bit of this gorgeous eucalyptus around the chargers
for just a touch of green.

And the obsession continues... 
a post about how you can easily change this table to Christmas
 is coming your way soon. 
Along with a recipe that is perfect for serving for dessert-coming your way this week.

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Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. The photos were all so pretty! Love the color of the leaves with the blush and the touch of cranberry.

  2. Very romantic from the Lace Pattern place setting to the Blush Stemware. Love this elegant setting. And of course the big fluffy Peonies! Enjoyed this post very much.

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'aime beaucoup l'association de la nature et de ce qu'elle nous offre avec sa simplicité et la belle vaisselle et ses chandeliers... L'atmosphère est sublime et j'aime ça !
    Sublimes photos bien évidemment !
    Je suis sous le charme...

    Gros bisous ♡

  4. The Fall leaves make the table setting in the woods look very Autumnal. The peonies and dishes make it very romantic. Very beautiful, Kathleen in Az