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Simple Elegant table setting for spring

Yesterday I talked about simplicity and reveling in simple things
like evening strolls, cups of hot tea on the patio

and enjoying a few quiet moments in the busy.
And today, it is about bringing a bit of simplicity to an elegant spring table setting.

If you are coming over from Driven by Decor- Welcome!
I am excited to be joining a great group of bloggers today and sharing a few ideas and inspirations for spring entertaining.
And though I am a bit on the complicated side (just ask my husband...) 
I am a huge fan of simplicity.

Simplicity is a funny thing.
Simple can mean - easy. 
Quiet and uncomplicated. Without a lot of detail.

But it can also say warm and welcoming. 
Charming and full of interest.

How can that be? 
How can something be both 
without a lot of detail and charming and full of interest?

It is all in the presentation.

Think about a cottage style living room for example.
The usual suspects- a plump slipcovered sofa
old flea market chair
weathered and worn table
and an ironstone pitcher filled with flowers.
On the wall, a vintage mirror  and a couple of old paintings.
The room as a whole is very simple.
It is not overly detailed- and it allows your eye to move from one thing to the next
without feeling overwhelmed. 

And yet, at the same time, 
that sofa is calling to you to sink into those squishy cushions 
and cozy up with a book and cup of tea.
The mirror reflects the twinkle of the chandelier
and the old flea market chair is a favorite spot for your furry friend.

It paints a picture of simple charm.
And this table setting- though leaning elegant with the gold touches...
for me... 
has a simple elegant feeling overall.

So how do you mix and match to create that simple yet elegant feeling?

Start with the basics.

You might have noticed I am not a huge fan of tablecloths.
It's true. I prefer basics.
Like a silvery wood table that is weathering away in the elements.

A rustic weathered wood sets the table so to speak.
It creates the backdrop for those elegant, refined details to come into play.
And it keeps them from feeling too fussy.

Bring in the beauty

Gorgeous glass dishes with gold detailing layered with those intricate lacy plates.

Those gorgeous pieces  bring a layer of elegance and decadent detailing.
And with the classic hemstitch linens- 
they are a perfect mix and mingle.

Go Free

Centerpieces can be amazingly detailed and over the top-
or they can be amazingly simple and approachable.
For this table, to be honest, I was a little on the too busy and too lazy side to run to the market
to pick up anything fresh for the styling.
But this time of year- I can get away with that since there are an abundance of spring flowers
starting to smile through out the property.
And for this table in keeping with the pretty pastel Easter colors- 
our camellia tree blooming away was perfect.

An armful of camellia clippings from our yard down the center was an easy 5 minute 
centerpiece- and it was completely free.

Mix and mingle

I recently added these rustic, vintage inspired but new wicker chairs to the mix.
I have several different chairs for different occasions- but my go to everyday chairs are the 
weathered x back beauties.
But I wanted a few different options for the end chairs
and saw these and they went in the cart.

Overall, they add just one more beautiful
and yet, simple, element to this setting.

So breaking it down- 
all in all, though a table set out under blue skies and stars
with twinkle lights in the background feels completely decadent for a guest to sit down to- 
it really is a very simple elegance that welcomes and invites you to relax and stay awhile.

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Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Courtney, this table is just stunning!! Love how the roses add an almost "still in the garden" feel placed on the table!! They add a lovely freshness to your beautiful tableware!

    1. Thanks Lory! They are actually camellias- we have a huge old growth tree in our yard that provides an abundance of blooms :)

  2. So gorgeous Courtney! I love every detail you bring to your tables. This one is stunning with the gold and pink touches.
    Hugs, Jamie

  3. Courtney, this is simply stunning, it takes my breath away! I love everything you do! Just gorgeous!

  4. Courtney, this is beautiful. And pretty much perfect for any special occasion. I am a huge fan of elegant simplicity. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Courtney, this table is a pure perfection. So beautiful and inviting, elegant and feminine! Amazing!

  6. Love the table and your center piece.

  7. When my husband and I moved to California 24 years ago, I remember seeing the Camellias and thinking they were roses too. Beautiful flowers and table setting!

  8. Courtney this is beautiful as always! Your flowers down the center are absolutely stunning! I can't tell you how jealous I am that you already have those blooming in your yard - we've still got snow in ours!