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Treasure hunting & shopping

I have been doing a little shopping for pretty things, vintage things,
and even some renovation things recently.

 And it has been almost like shopping a tag sale...
but without leaving the house.

I am talking about shopping on Ebay.
And with an Ebay gift card the selections are endless.
I have shopped on Ebay for years and it is an especially good spot to go when you have a hard to find item that is sold out or no longer in stock and just in time for spring sprucing up- 
I am shopping Ebays spring store and deals.

Things like...
a stack of chunky old breadboards to start a collection?

Old copper and needlepoint pillows?
Yes, indeed.

Farmhouse sinks? Yes.

And remember those trophies from a couple posts ago that I promised more info about?
A ton of them on Ebay.

And do you remember the wallpaper in my bathroom? The red toile? 
I was short one roll when I found that wallpaper years ago...
but I bought it anyway and when I got home-  I found 2 more rolls on Ebay.

It seems like every spring my refresh list grows longer and longer and everything starts to feel a little blah and in need of some fresh oomph. 
And just this week, I ordered several things that are on their way to me as.we.speak. that are for a few refreshes I have coming up.

You just never know where and when you will find that elusive treasure that you have been waiting for. Just in time for some Spring sprucing up, there are a ton of promotions going on at eBay’s Spring Store.  Shop their spring deals  if you would like and grab an ebay gift card for that hard to buy for person. 

Have you done any treasure hunting on Ebay?
If so- I would love to know what your favorite find is!

I know today is supposed to be styled for print day-
but with travel this week and spring break- my whole schedule is a bit wacky.
So Styled for Print will be resuming next week-
and something fun coming to go along with it.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

My blog post was written in collaboration with Ebay- but all opinions and treasure hunt goods are my own.


  1. I have always loved your wall paper in your bathroom. What is the name of it and the maker?

  2. Courtney, you are so right! If you can't find it on eBay, or of course at one of your fellow bloggers online shops, then you probably don't need it! Looking forward to what you've got up your sleeve next.....

  3. Before Pinterest. I used to save catalogue pages. I may still. But, a couple years ago, I decided to search things on eBay that I'd saved over the years. There were a few things I still loved even 20 years later. My favorite find from my past loves is a stacking enamel pitcher, creamer and sugar bowl in a muted floral. Mackenzie Childs. I know it's not a French antique, but I still love it. I also bought Eichorn wood blocks with fairytale illustrations. My grandmother had them, and I dreamed over the illustrations as a girl.