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Inspired Entertaining- 8 Decadent & Easy to Make Desserts

Next week is the last week of August 
and then we are zooming into fall and
 all things apple, pumpkin spice and wrapped up in cozy. 

outdoor table setting with fresh flowers and rustic cake

Warm summer evenings will be transitioning into cooler nights by crackling fires with cocoa
in hand.... but I am not ready to zoom right into pumpkins just yet...
 I am thinking summer as long as I can get away with it. Which here on my blog as I work ahead seasonally- will be probably until next week :) 

 I didn't get any dinner parties together with friends in August as planned- but, I am going to try to get one together in September and have been looking at older posts for some ideas.

Today in the Inspired Entertaining series - it is all about simple, easy and elegant- and how to get those delicious desserts that everyone wants seconds of- and keep it easy while keeping your sanity while entertaining. 
Click the title links for more info and recipes.

Always a favorite- and it is an easy one to customize however you would like.

easy to make cake with berries

Rustic Pear Tart? Yes, Please. Full of cinnamony goodness
this charmer is perfect for late summer or fall entertaining. 
fresh pears and tart on table

Tiny but mighty in flavor- these are the easiest to make in a snap
and are perfect for little hands if hosting a family get together or birthday party.

bite size fresh fruit tart

A summer favorite- a simple white cake with delicious fruit drizzled in lemon.

berries and kiwi on dessert cake

Of course, since I am a cheesecake kind of girl- I had to include my favorite cheesecake recipes.
And this fresh blueberry topped cheesecake is a winner.
No extra gooey sugar- just fresh goodness with thick cheesecake.

blueberry topped cheesecake on table

And this one... delicious and so easy. This was actually made in a pressure cooker.
Talk about hand off baking- I put it together and the pressure cooker did the work.

oreo cheesecake

I am a peanut butter and chocolate kind of girl
and this cheesecake literally takes the cake.
You can't make it all the time- each slice probably has the entire days allowance of calories in it lol
but it is a decedent and delicious treat.

peanut butter cheesecake with peanut butter cup topping

And for those chocolate, chocolate, chocolate lovers who want
all chocolate all the time- this might be your dream cheesecake. 

triple chocolate cheesecake recipe

And in case you missed the first post in the Inspired Entertaining series-

cheese board on table

Happy entertaining everyone!!

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