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Merry & Bright~ My favorite Frosted Fir Christmas tree

All things Merry & Bright have been appearing around the house.
From fresh garlands and pretty little baubles dotting the mantels and tables
to twinkling Christmas trees going up here and there.

And today I am sharing a peek at the living room tree this year.
Or should I say... trees?

I am not one to shy away from indulging when it comes to something I love.
Family, friends, being a part of something big and giving back.
And that applies to things I love in the house.
Like flowers or crystal covered chandeliers for example.
I know I don't have too many of those..  but if I did?
 It might be like 15 or so.  And that is a total guess... 
 It might be 16 if you include the little cottage.
But who is counting?
Do you remember the story of when my husband and I were first dating
and we went up into the mountains in Montana to find our perfect Christmas trees?
It involved a Charlie Brown Tree ... and a whole lot of tinsel.
I will share the story again soon but let's just say ...

Sometimes I have wondered how we have been married for so long
when we have such different styles. But... opposites right?
These trees though- are definitely not looking too Charlie Brown this year-
and I am loving it.

And I had a wild hair of inspiration that involved 
not one, not two, but three frosted trees twinkling away in the living room.
And... I did set that up for a different styling.
But I am sharing two of them twinkling away today for 
Balsam Hills Home For the Holidays Tour.

The Frosted Fraser Fir from Balsam Hill is one of my absolute favorite trees.
Frosted trees just talk to me.
With snowy branches and delicate foliage- and abundance of twinkly lights
it makes my heart skip a beat every time I put it up. 

And honestly, I almost always want to just leave it bare and enjoy the twinkles.
But this year, I decided to take that golden tree from last season 
(which was my favorite)
and play with the styling a bit.

I started with simple.
A few clippings of French style glittered ribbon tucked into the branches of each tree.

And then filled in with blush, white and mercury glass ornaments.

Since I wanted to play up the snowy factor
I brought out a few picks and tucked them into the branches.
I used snowy berry branches, glittered jute picks and snowy pinecones.

And then... I called it good.


And I am kind of loving how they turned out.

So bright and snowy white with a sprinkle of elegance.

A forest of trees in the living room might be a new favorite 
look over here.


Don't miss any of my friends who are also sharing their 
new Balsam Hill trees today. 

Annnnd Happy Cyber Monday shopping!!

Balsam Hill is having an amazing sale -
SAVE up to 50% and FREE Shipping site wide today as well! 
even better- here is a special code to save even more

 Berry Picks (out of stock) 

What do you think of the two twinkling trees in the living room this year?
Oh and that Charlie Brown Tree?
 It might be making a comeback in a post very soon- so stay tuned.
Though... not so sure about the tinsel.

Happy Monday everyone.

I work with Balsam Hill as their ambassador but all opinions and love of an abundance of Christmas trees twinkling away are all my own.


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  2. Absolutely stunning. Beyond dreamy.

  3. Can I just come live with you? I won't take up much room or be a problem. I'll just sit there quietly in the corner and gaze all day at the trees! Seriously beautiful! Love it all.

  4. You're incredible - as always! I ADORE this and I'm wiping the drool off my chin as I type - thanks so much as always for including us! ;}

  5. So pretty! Thanks for the additional savings Courtney! I'm hopping on over to Balsam Hill now:)

  6. Your trees are stunning. I love them! I like the shine! :D

  7. Courtney, this is absolutely stunning! <3 Thank you so much for including me in on the tour, too!

  8. Yes, a true enchanted forest that will take anyone's breath away....I remember way back in my Christmas House Tour days for charities, I took three trees of various heights and shoved them into each other...connecting them with a common thread of grapevine...I don't have a room to do that any longer, but I can just admire your magnificent trees in that room with those amazing beamed vaulted ceilings!

  9. Beautiful, love that you have more than one tree and they are stunning! Love the Beams as well!

  10. I have always admired the gorgeous floor mirror in your photos. I believe you talked about it ages ago. Do you have a source for it? I would love to add something like it to my living room. Always look forward to your beautiful photography!

  11. So much gorgeousness! I love the idea of having multiple trees --so spectacular. I wish I had the room to steal your idea.

  12. I'm so inspired by your beautiful Christmas trees. We ordered 2 trees this year. They are on back order. I also ordered their snowy garland and it is just beautiful.