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Weekend View

It's the weekend...

Which means- random weekend time.
This week it is about blooms, blush and fresh garlic veggie pizza.

#1. Another cup

Sometimes, you just need another cup of energy to get that to-do list done.
And last week, that extra cup was on the agenda every day.

And why not enjoy it in a pretty little vintage blue and white cup?
I sometimes think that coffee tastes better when it has pretty presentation.
Though my only complaint about these cups? They are a little on the small side so 
several refills happen. But I am okay with that.
What does your favorite morning cup look like?
Is it vintage or new?

#2. Fresh Garlic Veggie Pizza

Have I ever mentioned that my husband loves to cook?
He is Italian and has a love for delicious food- and also creative recipes.
Last week, he made the most delicious fresh veggie pizza.
Topped with sauteed garlic and zucchini, fresh feta and slices of avocado.
Seriously. Good. and a healthier version of pizza (well, you know) 
And so many requests on IG for the recipe- so stay tuned for that coming your way.

#3. Blushing

These ranunculus are full of sooo much goodness.
Those ruffly petals. That barely there blush. The mix and mingle of shades of pink and cream.
They are my absolute favorite variety- and they are not your average variety.
They are called Cloni Ranunculus. 

I had so many questions about these after posting this little iphone snap 
on instagram last week- 
I think I might do a quick post share a bit more detail about this variety soon.

#4. Cozy and warm

On the blush train over here- I am redecorating in the bedroom a bit.
Nothing crazy- but come spring- I always like to add a fresh duvet or throw and maybe a few pillows.
And this year, I am thinking blush or gray.

I am rounding up my favorite blush bedding finds for you
and will be sharing some ideas on the refresh and what I am loving  this week.

#5. Design Bloggers Conference Mentor

Something fun...


Several of you asked about advice for starting a blog- and for working as a blogger- in the survey from a few weeks ago.
And something that has had a big impact on my job as a blogger
and creator is the Design Bloggers Conference.
It is chock full of design and blogging info - and a ton of inspiration which if you are like me
motivates you to push even further in that direction you are trying to go.
I have spoken twice at the conference before and this year- I am a mentor.
So if you are going (or thinking about going) I would love to see you there
and it is jut a couple short weeks away- you can
  find more info here.

Coming your way this week:
Blush bedding picks
and how I find inspiration for a project 
along with a peek of something  French Country Cottage inspired


  1. Love your flowers , they are such eye candy. the bedroom looks great,looking forward to seeing your picks for the bedroom. The pizza looks yummy!!

  2. Love your inspirations and this post is great information Thank you and have a blessed week

  3. How I wish we could grow those ranunculus! Such pale beauty in a flower... definitely the winter rose! 💕

    Have a great upcoming week,
    Barb 😊

  4. Flowers are beautiful I love the furniture displays the rare pieces of that furniture from the Las Vegas show I would love to have them in our home💜and a beautiful linen is just breathtaking

  5. Oh my how I love your style! Only wish I could afford to decorate like this, especially the bedding and other linens. At least I can dream through you. Thanks so much for each and every post.