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Blushing Beauty Office - custom paint refresh

Last week, I was playing with little cans of paint, a paint brush and several dollops 
of colors in the kitchen.  

A little bit of black, a touch of yellow and a sprinkle of that hot magenta color. 
 It was like a day in grade school remembering how a bit of this or that can change the entire mood, feeling and look of a basic white paint.

This was such a fun project because I was mixing and creating my very own paint color.
When my friends at Ace reached out with an opportunity to work together - I knew that this was an opportunity to find a  perfect shade I’ve been thinking of in my office.

A little background -
Ace is hosting their biggest sale of the year and this year customers can visit their participating store from 11am to 2pm to enter Ace’s first-ever Color of the Year contest. Meaning you can create and name your own paint color for a chance to become Ace’s 2019 Color of the Year
 and win $1000 in Ace gift cards.

Mixing your own paint color is not only fun, but really easy.
I was given primary colors  to mix a little of this and that to create any color.
For this project, I started with a room that is long overdue on a fresh coat of paint.

My office.

That room where I stare at the computer and edit photos. 
The one with Grammy's china cabinet filled with bits of inspiration. 
The place where there is a faux fireplace that is always being redecorated and wood floors dotted with spots of paint and old scratches that I have decided to enjoy that way because it fits the creative vibe.
At one time, this room was the most perfect shade of blushing blush.
And I loved it. It was when it was my daughters room and it just felt absolutely warm
and wrap you up good. 
When my oldest son moved into this room- he was not feeling the pink wall love of course- and so they became white walls.  
And since then they have been refreshed with a creamier white and a bright white on the wainscot. But now? Well, that blushing beauty color is coming back.

Since my office is one of the spaces I can get a bit more 'girly' and get away with it- I am going for the gold- uh - blush and giving this space a fresh look.  I have a whole lot of redesign ideas in mind that I will share- but today- it is all about that fresh color.

Finding my perfect color wasn’t easy, but being able to mix my own color allowed me to play with tones until I found my perfect shade. 

Then adding yellow to warm it up and make it more 'neutral' blush

And then added some more until I found a soft muted pink that was pretty perfect.
That fresh color I am calling Blushing Bloom.
I wanted a pink that wasn't too... pink. 
More like a lightly peach toned pink. 
Think ballet shoes and that shade that isn't a pop 'notice me' pink- 
but more like a 'whisper' of pink.  I didn't want something that shouted as you walked by the room - but more wrapped you up in warmth.

You can see in the shadows it looks much darker
 than in the daylight on the other side of the mirror.
This room is filled with lots of natural light (when it isn't raining like today) 
 so the color looks closer to the lighter side most- 
which is almost like a blushing white with a rosy tone.

It is a very soft muted blush color in person.
And it looks so pretty with the crisp white and soft muted tones in the rug and gray furniture.
 I love the fresh look and new base it brings to the room- which is now ready for more decor and more pizzaz with decor and accessories.
With those hot pink ranunculus- I am feeling a bit Valentine-ish in here- haha
but that is just because that is what flowers I have in the house at the moment.
Thinking whites and soft colors will be on repeat.
And I will be sharing what is going on in the other half of the room very soon.

A quick note: Ace’s Extra Mile Promise guarantees that they have the advice 
and supplies needed to help you  tackle any paint project in one trip. And if you forget something or need more - they will help purchase all missing items via phone and deliver to your home with no delivery fee.  Pretty amazing when you are in the middle of a project and covered in paint dribbles and you don't want to hop in the car.

Stay tuned for the rest of the big reveal on this simple spring makeover.
What do you think of how the color turned out?
More about ACE here

This post was sponsored by ACE Hardware-
but the custom color and thoughts are all my own.


  1. Are Ace Paints Benjamin Moore paints?
    Wondering because I always get my Benny Moore paints through local Ace hardware stores.

  2. Love the quiet peaceful and joyful feeling of your pink!

  3. I absolutely love this color....I have been drawn to blush over the winter and into the spring. I've bought tops and jewelry in this color and low and behold, you create it!!!!! You must have an art background because it is hard to mix colors and not have them turn muddy. You are an inspiration!!!!
    P.S. I just did a post on wreaths and referenced you.

  4. Your color is so pretty!!! I'd buy it! Good luck...hope you win. =)

  5. Of course you are going to win.... helloooo this is so beautiful Courtney! 😂🙌🏼💖

  6. A hint of pink, blush. I use to go to a Shabby chic store and I thought it wasn't me, think Autumnal colors. But your blog changed my mine, the elegance, beauty and flowers:). You made me appreciate the style.
    I do hope you win too,
    Kathleen in Az

  7. I sure hope this color becomes available! I neeeed it! Do they let us vote? Absolutely love it!

  8. Your blush pink is PERFECT. I want it!!! If only this was available at Ace. It is absolutely the touch of color I'm looking for for my bedroom in the new house I'm purchasing. It's not too bright or bold; very understated and "barely there." LOVE IT. Hope you win!!!

  9. The color is absolutely yummy! I can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  10. A beautiful amd great choice.

  11. Love this color, in fact, that is the color I've been looking for to put on my den walls! The den is also my "space" computer, books and more books, photos, ceramic figurines, just my space to be. Good luck on the contest!

  12. Hope you win, because this is such a perfect shade of blush!!!

  13. Could you please send me two gallons in eggshell so i can repaint my office?! Love it!!! Good luck!!!

  14. Hi, Courtney. How fun to create your own paint color--I LOVE this color! I have moved recently and Ace is just a hop, skip and jump away. I have already taken advantage of that convenience several times and expect it to continue! Hope you win!

  15. Wow, I would never have thought that yellow mixed in would create that beautiful blush color, really pretty with the white fireplace and that desk.

  16. I love your color, and I'm really impressed at your bravery/willingness to just try to mix your ideal color. Pink is my favorite color and it appears in 3 of the 4 rooms in my condo - from the master bedroom which is overwhelmingly pink(s) to my living room which has pink(s) as the color that goes with the primarily tan/grey/brown/charcoal scheme to my in-progress DIY kitchen reno. Keep the pinks coming please!