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Random weekend

It's that random weekend time again. 

And this week, it is all about spring planning, creativity and pretty ideas.

Creative work

I have been chin deep in creative work in the past week- well, for months really. 
And I have to say- I think I am the happiest when I am dreaming, scheming and doing creative work. I find that when I am immersed in a project, or dreaming up an idea and working on it- I seem to find myself feeling much more balanced inside.  It is almost like going out for a run- but it is a mental workout instead of a physical one.  Anyone else feel that way?  
And speaking of creative- this mantel in the cottage got a pretty little spring styling- coming your way soon.


I know it is almost April- but it has been feeling more like winter than spring yet. 
We have been chilly and rainy - and I know many of you have been living 
in a winter wonderland in the snowy east coast areas. 
I wandered by a favorite garden store the other day and I found myself staring at all the plants and making mental notes on what we needed to bring home to start the garden. I almost loaded up the car with a few things- I am ready to get the garden party started.
The good news on the weather front- we are supposed to be warm and sunshine filled in the next week so hopefully that first installment in the cottage garden series will be coming soon.

Farm animals 

We are looking at chicken coops folks. And not your average chicken coop- but one with a pinch of French cottage style.  We haven't had chickens in years but are looking at getting a few of them this spring and first on the list is building a wee house for them. 

And yes, I know this isn't a chicken- it is my sweet grand dog Ivy. Isn't she adorable? We are going to be dog sitting in a few weeks and I am already excited about how much fun we are going to have with this sweet girl. 

That paint color...

So many of you emailed and messaged me about that blush color I painted on the walls in the office- I didn't realize so many felt the same as me about how hard it is to find the perfectly perfect blush color. Especially for grown up rooms- so I am thinking about doing a post with examples of the perfect blush in an adult room.

The week ahead
Just a short and sweet version of random weekend this week. 
Coming your way, I am sharing a few spring vignette ideas and more about one of my favorite arrangements from my line of faux florals with Balsam Hill- coming your way tomorrow.
A few simple ideas for nibbles for Easter. 
A fun styling with my HomeGoods family- and a giveaway you won't want to miss!

If you are looking for a last minute Easter table ideas- find a round up here

Happy Random Weekend everyone.


  1. Looooove that blush color paint <3 !!!!

  2. Be still my heart—little Ivy is just adorable!! Lots of pix, I hope!🐾

  3. Hello there. Love love love your posts. Can you tell me the maker and name of the blush paint color?

  4. A friend just brought me eggs from her coop - they were the best I've ever had. The shells were so hard you could hardly crack them and the yolks were beautiful. She told me that she feeds them greens and weeds (all kinds) out of the garden every day and that the chickens eat it all up. They love it. Maybe this is why these eggs are SOOOO healthy and delicious.

  5. Yes, doing creative projects grounds me.

  6. Oh! now a trio of little doggies, how fun:). French country chicken coop, it'll be cute! Kathleen in Az

  7. Love that pink colour on the wall . Does it have a name.����

  8. Oh yes!....I'm the happiest when I'm being creative! I'm always doing something around this house and love it! Precious granddog...I had a girl just like her for 14yrs.

  9. Oh that chicken coop sounds very intriguing!...I can just imagine a charming French farmhouse coop!! Our HOA won't allow a separate greenhouse let along a chicken coop :( ....however we figured out a way to get that greenhouse in the next house! We all benefit from you for keeping your dreams and creative schemes flowing!