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9 ideas for a charming Easter table

Sometimes simple and sweet is perfect. 

Especially when it comes to entertaining and hosting friends and family.
And for Easter and spring- using things like chocolate bunnies and pretty little 
candy covered almonds are perfect on the table. 

Today it is all about a few ideas for simple and sweet Easter or spring table settings
and I will be sharing a new look for this year ( that has a secret ) very soon.

Here are some of your favorites:

1. Vintage Mix and Mingle table

Add a touch of gold in dishes, wine stems or even flatware and napkin rings
for that extra special touch on the table. 
Gold brings a regal charm that makes your guests feel like they are dining somewhere fancy.

A favorite Easter centerpiece- and also for spring- I am a huge fan of cabbage arrangements.
Think green if you are looking for a more traditional look.

Or purple if you are like me and love the romantic touch it adds.
I just shared this one last week- but including it here again in case you missed it.

5. Vintage Silver Flatware

Little touches on flatware or napkins are a perfect way to sprinkle an extra bit of pretty.
A simple idea is to just tie mixed and mingled silver flatware with a ribbon and add a few blooms for pretty presentation.

6. Dessert dishes with chocolate eggs

A simple place setting treat- 
a pretty little glass or pudding dish with chocolate or malt eggs for a special touch.

7. Chocolate bunnies

They are everywhere this time of year- and they look charming on the table for another idea for a place setting treat.

8. Market bag full of blooms

Really such an easy way to add an extra touch of spring to your table - 
add a market bag full of flowers to a chair or next to the table for a unique arrangement. 
Simply fill a container with water and place inside the bag and then add your flowers- making sure their stems are long enough to reach out the top. 

9. Mixed blooms on the table

Sometimes you aren't able to find enough of the same flowers at the market for a whole table- so why not choose a few varieties that go together and mix it up a bit? 
On this table- peachy, pink and pale blush ranunculus are perfect together. 

Setting a beautiful table for your friends and family is much more simple than it seems. 
Just think of your favorite things - like chocolate bunnies and pretty little flowers and have fun playing with ideas. 

Up next- easy appetizers for a special brunch or Easter dinner.
And coming your way tomorrow- a custom paint color and sneak peek at a new makeover in my office.  

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Courtney,
    Your Easter table ideas are beyond charming... they are gorgeous. The eggs in the gold decorated dessert glass is simple, easy to do, and oh-so-stunning.


  2. Love the market bag (backpack) ! May I ask where you purchased?

  3. Your table settings are indeed lovely. The purples are very pretty, but I like the lighter colors best. Nothing can ever be wrong with candles, flowers and just a bit of gold. Thanks for the beautiful settings

  4. Love all of your tablescape ideas. I am definitely going to try the cabbage flower arrangement and we have my husband's grandmother's gold rimmed sherbert dishes that would look so sweet with the blue malted eggs in them. I am always looking for ways to display beautiful pieces from our grandmothers. Thanks so much for sharing!