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Simple and charming Autumn Greenhouse

I am a big fan of simple. 

fall greenhouse decor

Simple charm. Simple seasonal touches and of course... simple autumn especially in a greenhouse.

When I was working on my book last year, I styled the house, the cottage, the outdoors and even some table settings. 
And when it came to seasonal decor for autumn and Christmas, 
And I focused on simple.

Like hydrangeas in the sink,
pumpkins in a wheelbarrow
and maybe a simple yet charming pumpkin patch. 
I am excited to be joining my friends for a fun tour today- thanks to 
The Handmade Home for organizing!

I love all things natural especially for fall. 
 Like wheat bundles and berry dotted branches and lots of fresh heirloom pumpkins. 
And while I was playing with those pumpkins, something that reminded me of a stop at a pumpkin farm inspired me. 

With that in mind- 
I might have loaded up on a bevy of pumpkins in all shapes sizes and colors for the porches 
and mantels.
And over by the greenhouse, it was all about creating a charming spot that felt  like a pumpkin patch. With pumpkins lining the pea gravel path - it invites you to meander on down towards the greenhouse while looking for your perfect one for carving.
After the season is over- those pumpkins are perfect for
drying seeds to plant or for sharing with
animal friends. We place them out for the deer that wander through the property.

 An old wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins loads up the treasures of the day to cart home.
And in my book you can see a peek of a certain beach bike. 

And instead of blooms... it is a beach bike and pumpkins.
This is one of the autumn photos that made the cut for print. 

You can order my book HERE  

And don't miss any of the gorgeous and autumn tours that my friends are sharing 
on their blogs today

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Love every inch of your greenhouse, Courtney! It's gorgeous, as always :) xo

  2. I adore it all! Thanks so much for doing this with us - such beautiful subtle touches that are oh so inspiring! ;}

  3. You always have the most stunning seasonal moments around your home, I always feel inspired here! So beautiful. Thank you, Courtney! xo

  4. simply beautiful, but simple? I hope you had help lugging those heavy pumpkins. I want to do the same on my porch and steps at my little shop, its gonna take some energy.

    1. It for sure does take energy- but it is a good workout! :) And yes- did have some help.

  5. Love the look of the green house, Courtney you have inspired me to do something with our "hill" out back. I think I am going to arrange a white fence out there around the hill and give pumpkins a chance to grow for next fall! I've been thinking of what I wanted to do, when I saw the pea gravel walk heading up to your greenhouse the light bulb went on! Thank you for sharing all your sweet, beautiful ideas with us. Happy Fall.......Jody

  6. This is just so beautiful! LOVE this whole scene!

  7. Honestly? It's too beautiful! ;)
    Pinning like crazy here!

  8. Love it, Balsam Hill has dreamy decor!