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French Country Fridays- Perfectly Imperfect - My Book

This week, French Country Friday is about all things French, design & decorating 
and inspiration.

And I am sharing a story that is close to my heart. 

It is about being perfect - or maybe more so about embracing the imperfect.

That first day that I sat down to write the first page in my book

I froze.
I sat and stared at the screen... and typed... 'My book" and under that... was a big old blank screen staring at me. And a moment of panic started to set in.
To be honest with you, there were many times over the course of writing this book that I paused.
Got emotional and cry- but I wasn't unhappy.  I simply could not believe that 'my book' this dream that I had for so long- was really happening.

I photographed 1000 different angles and rooms- styled tables, set up my camera when it was raining outside so that I could capture the sherbet colored sky if the clouds moved out. 
And I loved every.creative minute of it.
And I compiled the photos into little folders and imagined what they would look like in the pages of a book.  
And then came time to write.
20,000 words.
And I sat down determined to start and finish based on the outline we had. I typed... My Book... at the top and then...

And I blanked.
I didn't know what to say, where to start, and struggled with anything beyond

'So my style all started on a day back in the day...that was...
back in the day....' 

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  1. I love your book so much, told mom and sisters. Do another book. Or start a magazine. My two favorite are gone Romantic Homes and Romantic Country.

  2. Your books sounds so exciting and so lovely