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Details- all about this little vintage chest of drawers and where to find one

Vintage. Dainty. Gold. Detailed and charming.
I am pretty much obsessed with Vintage Florentine furniture.
What is not to love?

When I saw this delicate detailed little beauty...
it was serious love.

From the dainty size

to the tiny little drawers with the tiny little knobs

to the delicate details on the fronts


and top... 
it is a charmer beyond charmer.
I have long been a fan of these cute little pieces.
Probably since seeing them in Rachel Ashwell's books long ago
and when I bumped into one recently-
 I was beyond excited to bring it home.

Something funny... I didn't have a spot in mind for it.
The bedroom? 

The bathroom?

the living room as an end table, side table, by the french doors... 
they are pretty much easy to tuck nearly anywhere.

But, it was one of those things and one of those times I remind myself that
if you love it- you will find a spot for it.

And I have found several perfect places.

 I photographed in the living room recently for a photography project 
and shared a few photos 
and with so many questions on where to get them -here are  some of the places
 that I found them.

I have also seen them pop up from time to time on Craigslist and in the classified ads
-and stay tuned for a post about my best tips for shopping Craigslist
and getting that piece you have been looking for coming your way later this week.

Happy Monday everyone.