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10 Simple Easter Entertaining Ideas

When it comes to entertaining... I love the over the top decadent and elegant look.

And keeping it easy to create at the same time.
Which means, bringing out those simple entertaining ideas, touches and recipes- that pack a big presentation punch.

Place setting touches 

Always a fun little finishing touch- adding a bit of bloom to each place setting.

You can tie your flatware with twine and add a wee bloom- or simply lay it on the napkin for a sweet touch.

Layer away

Layer your plates to add interest.
These are vintage plates layered with new- and it creates such a lovely look at each place setting.

Bring out the good stuff

Of course, bring out and use your fine china, flatware and stemware everyday- but especially on an occasion.

Gilded dishes, your grandmothers china, and detailed stemware and flatware- all have a place in everyday entertaining and on the table. Mix and match for a casual look- or if you have a dozen settings- perfect for repeating down the table for an elegant presentation.

On the Table 

Easy and incredible centerpieces are a favorite thing.
And my favorite way to do that is flower overload. I know that probably surprises you.
Some of the easiest arrangements are simply one or two types of flowers.  Like these larkspur and delphinium at the book celebration for my book at Brooke and Steve Giannetti's home.  I had shopped their local flower market and picked up the most delightful blooms- all together in this silver container they were stunning.

Or a simple floral garland. 
This is viburnum and berry clippings from our yard layered with peach roses.  These are just off the floor peach roses I found at our local market- 18 stems for $12. I usually grab more than one if they have 2 of the same color- but it all depends on how much floral you want on the garland- and how long your table is.

You can also take fresh or faux flowers and create a garland centerpiece.

Purple cabbage centerpiece 

This is one I like to do in 2's or 3's depending on the size of the table. It is a stunning presentation.


Of course, pretty table settings and softly colored eggs are always on the agenda for Easter- but the food might be something to think about too. haha. For me, food always comes after the decor, flowers and setting. Anyone else the same way?

Here are a couple favorite and so simple to make recipes that will dazzle your guests. I just made this blackberry brie a couple weeks ago when my dad was here for a visit and it was gobbled up in about 5 minutes.

Pecan and Blackberry Brie en Croute

Simple and a bit savory- this is such an easy recipe to make and the presentation on the table is so lovely.

Spinach and mushroom braided appetizer

A cheese board- always a good idea and always a hit. Here are some essentials.

Looking for more?
Check out this  round up of 18 ideas.

Happy entertaining everyone!


  1. I always LOVE seeing your posts come to my inbox! Your style is totally the same as mine - the more french and flowers, the better! One question - where oh where did you get those LOVELY plates - the off white-ish ones with all the textured detail? I am in love! Also, I consistently notice that the majority of the flowers that you use look a bit worn or like they're resting. It's something that I've never thought of, but they look so romantic when they're a bit tired as opposed to being very firm and bright. It adds more whimsy to them. Thank you for lighting up my inbox every few days! :)

  2. Lovely ideas for Easter, Courtney! I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter!

  3. You are the queen of romantic tablescapes, sweet friend. Every detail is perfect every time.

  4. Quante meravigliose idee! Eleganti e romantiche. Grazie, sei una fonte di ispirazione! Antonia (Italy)

  5. Quante idee meravigliose e romantiche. Decisamente da copiare. Grazie sei una fonte di ispirazione.

  6. I do a very fancy table with fine China and crystal and this year two Waterford Candelabra..but when we eat we. Fill cute Easter Plates so no one has to hand wash the China. I have 5 grandkids..all different its more about making them the donuts..the blueberry cheesecake..buscuits and gravy..first time for me..but i know they love it..the Easter Egg hunt this year will give the older kids there favorites already in bags and letting them head up the little ones hunt. Cant wait..making special dishes like my moms cinnamon toast for my oldest grandson ..he just adores it or engineering a layered blueberry cheesecake makes me want to cry with how happy it makes me to
    Give them each there own special daughtets must have asparagus soup and clam chowder for the rest. Its what makes a grandma special and so loved luckily!